Marvel makes a major change on Black Panther


Black Panther might never be the one we’ve always known.

The current comic series that is being starred by Black Panther could make an important change that would affect the hero of Wakanda forever. Specifically, the change has occurred in the fifth issue of the comic that is being made by the writer John Ridley and the cartoonists Juan Cabal Y Stefano Landini.

Black Panther might never be the one we’ve always known


The number in question introduces the hero T’Challa being accused of treason, mainly for akilileader of Hatut Zerazewhich is a special police force that operates within the territory of Wakanda. In explaining why Akili thinks that T’Challa is a traitor, the character explains that T’Challa He has been a false hero forever and that his deceptions and lust for power seem to have no limits. After hearing Akili’s accusations about **T’Challa**, the latter is asked to renounce carrying on the Black Panther legacy and remain under house arrest.

Although it is true that initially it complies with what was ordered, T’Challa he has no intention of remaining under house arrest. As they escort him to his house, T’Challa he takes off his handcuffs and escapes. The hero is confident that he can prove that he is innocent of whatever charges are brought against him, but he admits that he is not sure he trusts the people around him.

Marvel makes a major change on Black Panther

Later in the comic, shuri Take out Omolola from prison and the two also leave Wakanda to go to a secret lab where they can help T’Challa to discover your next steps and know what you have to do to recover what has been taken from you and belongs to you. While Omolola ask how T’Challa will have a chance against Hatut Zeraze without his suit Black PantherShuri assures him that Black Panther It’s not just a simple suit and what T’Challa has sufficient capabilities. Marvel It has already been announced that the next issues will resolve this plot and that readers will see old familiar faces that they will appreciate.

Black Panther #5 is already available.

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