the classic compilation of the blue hedgehog, closer than ever

We can’t understand the legend of Sonic in the video game industry if we don’t take a look at his roots. The early works of Sega’s mascot They were all the rage for more than 30 years and now it is our turn to enjoy them better than ever. Or at least that is the intention that the Japanese company put on the table in 2021.

During the Sonic Central event, it was revealed that sonic origins It would be the name that the compilation with the character’s classics will receive. It was indicated at the 30th anniversary of the blue hedgehog that more information would be coming soon. However, almost a year has passed and we still have no news.

Sonic 2, from the success of the Mega Drive to the Big Screen

That’s over thanks to South Korea’s age rating agency, which You already include this pack in your registration. A sign that allows us to intuit that an official revelation with a date is close. And it is that Sonic Origins is scheduled for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2022.. The works that will include are the following:

As if that were not enough, the user GBATemp has found an image of Sonic Origins among the PlayStation Network archives, further fueling the fact that an announcement is coming.

sonic origins

Among the main attractions to get hold of the compilation we find that they are ports created directly to take advantage of new possibilities. They don’t work thanks to an emulator, so we can run titles in 16:9 format. In addition, everything seems to indicate that the Sonic Mania Retro Engine will be used to shape them.

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