The best soccer game in history according to VidaExtra readers is…

One of the final battles. The king of sports has always been the most demanded in the video game industry and has now been the subject of debate in the VidaExtra Discord Server. We selected your answers for the topic that has been proposedwhich is the following:

What is the best football game in history? Why?

An eternal struggle is what we have lived between FIFA Y ESP, two legendary franchises. Taking advantage of the fact that eFootball 2022 has launched its version 1.0, a discussion arises that seems to have no end. Of course, we have always had very powerful contenders in management simulators such as Football Manager and crazier options, such as FIFA Street.

We have as a first opinion that of JAER-27which makes it clear at what point the EA saga began to distance itself:

I consider that until 2013 Winning Eleven (PES) was the king of football, the gameplay was very good and you felt that virtual football experience. After that, it went downhill and EA with FIFA began to take control until today that it has no rival.

Inceptioff He also thinks from the same point of view and details the reasons why FIFA has ended up overtaking Konami:

In my opinion, PES has led the football video game market until 2013, being replaced by FIFA. The Electronic Arts studios, although with reprehensible practices, have been able to innovate in the market with their FUT Draft and Ultimate Team. In recent years, the fall of PES and the disaster of eFootball have left FIFA much better off, having a more favorable graphic evolution, much more polished mechanics than the competition, an increasingly better career mode and VOLTA mode, the spiritual successor to FIFA Street. A release for both PS2, Xbox, GameCube and Nintendo DS, which focused on games as something dynamic, and transported us to those moments of youth where friends would get together to have some parties in any place that we could set up two goals.

Another opinion is saviorwhich also nostalgically recalls the time when PES reigned supreme:

I throw a lot of nostalgia and for me the best I ever played was PES 2008 I spent many hours on that game both individually and with friends on the mythical sofa piques. Even with its lack of licenses, it proved to be a very good simulator for me and unfortunately over the years it has been in decline until it was surpassed by FIFA, which clearly began to improve by copying many of the mechanics that were used in the first Pro Evolution Soccer. That’s why I opted for this franchise that laid the foundations for the football simulators that we have today.

The best point & click adventure game in history according to VidaExtra readers is...

It is very noticeable that Pro Evolution Soccer left a lot of mark at the time, because we add one more opinion towards the mythical series by agmbio:

PES 2010… I still remember playing it on the PS3, with a multitude of game modes and a pretty positive experience overall. Even the menus were different, especially in career mode.

SuperKza has it clear. FIFA marked a before and after from a new game mode:

I would say FIFA 18, since with its new “story” mode I think it revolutionized a bit the part that we can choose our life as if we were soccer players

We are going to another genre, but it is still completely splashed by football. VictorRG puts on the table one of the classics of the Spanish video game:

The PCFutbol without a doubt, taking your team from a 3 division town to being a 1 division league champion or winning the Champions League was the best thing there was

We end with John P.which divides your memories into different stages:

In stages, the first of the World Cup in Italy 90, the first FIFA (94) and PES 5. From there everything I’ve tried has gotten worse. I haven’t played the genre in a long time. And the PC Soccer of course, but it was something else…

Now, we leave you the comments section at your entire disposal so that you can share your favorite soccer game with the rest of the community. Thanks for participating.

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