One Punch-Man is about to prove if Saitama can beat the Hulk himself


Saitama is officially OP?

One-Punch Man is one of the most interesting works of recent times, written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, it has managed well the tropes of action manga with a unique touch of comedy. The premise is as follows: Saitama, our protagonist, has trained enough to defeat any enemy with a single blow, no matter how strong he is. “How strong is our bald hero? Stronger than his enemy”. This has led his fandom to estimate, what other heroes from other franchises could he beat?

For example, the last number from One-Punch Man is about to settle the question of whether Saitama could beat his version of the Hulk. Saitama’s incredible level of power has given rise to much speculation as to whether the bald hero could beat the more powerful characters from other franchises. While most of these debates are based purely on speculation, the next battle of this popular franchise may give a more concrete answer to this question for the Hulk.


In One-Punch Man chapter 160, Saitama easily knocks out Garou with a single punch, defeating him like he has done other antagonists before. While this is par for the course of Saitama’s regular fights, given how powerful Garou has become, this is still somewhat surprising and he manages to “survive”. His shock at being beaten so easily soon gives way to anger at Saitama for standing in his way when he is so close to his goal of becoming the ultimate evil in the world, the true hero hunter, capable of defeating monsters and allies alike. This anger causes him to transform into an even stronger form.. Unfortunately for him though, Garou’s ultimate hurdle may be the same, not knowing how to handle this new level of power.

The ability to use anger to become even stronger is one of the iconic traits of the Marvel superhero, the Hulk. The upper limits of the Hulk’s strength are astronomical, and he has destroyed planets and shaken the multiverse with the most powerful blows of his as we have seen in World War Hulk or in the saga of his son Skaar, Son of Hulk. . It’s unclear if Garou could also perform such feats if his anger transforms him into a being of comparable power to Saitama’s, but if ONE is basing his new powers on the Hulk’s powers, then it’s somewhat likely. Especially given that Garou has already displayed an immense amount of power in his previous weaker forms. The fight between Saitama and Garou is one of the most anticipated in the seriesso it’s exciting to see how this new transformation will change the battle and not just be another “one-hit enemy.”

The future of One-Punch Man, Saitama vs. Garou

As we mentioned, One-Punch Man is a manga written by ONE with art by Yusuke Murata that mainly focuses on the adventures of Saitama, a Superhero who trained so hard that he went bald and gained the ability to defeat any enemy in one shot. blow. While it’s debatable whether Saitama could beat heroes like Superman or Goku, it’s clear that there are very few characters (if any) in One-Punch Man who can defeat Saitama. One of the few who can potentially do so is Garou, the Hero Hunter. Garou has been increasing his power level throughout the Monster Association Arc and is now almost unrecognizable from when he was first introduced. And in the last chapter, it is revealed that he may have an easy way to become even more powerful. If his anger makes him a true adversary, this would mean a major change in the main trope of this play.. Finally, Saitama would have an antagonist on his level.


Despite Garou’s growth, Saitama can still easily push him away at the end of this chapter. However, this can serve to further anger Garou and potentially trigger another transformation. Even if he doesn’t do it right away, it’s clear this fight is far from over. Given the parallels between Garou and the Hulk presented in this One-Punch Man chapter, this fight may provide some concrete evidence as to whether Saitama could really beat the green Avenger in a fight.

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