Marvel ends Daredevil forever


Marvel doesn’t seem to want to have a special version of Daredevil.

Last year, Marvel Comics brought important changes regarding one of its most emblematic and iconic characters, Daredevil. It was at this time that Matt Murdock decided to voluntarily go to prison after he accidentally killed a man. In his absence, the duty to watch over Hell’s Kitchen fell on the shoulders of Matt’s ex-lover, Elektra Natchios who wore the suit Daredevil fully assuming his role. The story was well received by readers and critics alike, but the current relaunch of Elektra’s comic book series shows that she has returned to her roots as Marvel’s deadliest assassin, leaving her identity behind. Daredevil.

In the pages of the series Daredevil Realized by Chip Zdarsky and drawn mainly by Marco Chechetto, Matt Murdock decided to allow himself to be arrested after accidentally killing a petty criminal in a fight. This he did to show that heroes are on the same level as people in terms of rights and obligations and that no one is exempt from the law. However, Daredevil he could not reveal his true identity during the trial or in prison, but while in jail he had to fight his own demons.


Elektra stepped in, and even after Matt was released, he didn’t give up his new role. This could be seen in the series Daredevil: Woman Without Fearfrom Chip Zdarsky Y Raphael DeLatorre. However, things have changed as Marvel decided to return Elektra to her earliest origins.

ANDElektra’s future will be revealed in the next comic Devil’s Reign: Omegaalthough everything seems to indicate that he will no longer play the role of Daredevil.

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