In the absence of a new The Simpsons Hit & Run, well it is the perfect recreation of Springfield in Minecraft

If we talk about truly dedicated communities in the world of video games, the Minecraft one always ends up standing out. Trying to recreate the Earth on a 1:1 scale is a colossal feat that requires the collaboration of many players. And here we have a new example.

The group of creators called Blockster have come together to faithfully reproduce one of the most famous towns in the history of animation. Sure enough, we’re talking about Springfield, home of The Simpsons and with great detail. For example, here we have a tour of the yellow family’s house.

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We are talking about a project in which we can use up to 25 different skins of the characters in the series to play. In addition, the cars are fully functional and there are, for now, more than 20 models to go around the streets.

Custom music has been added, so that the classic themes of The Simpsons sound at all times, along with different mini-games. The Badulaque, the Springfield Elementary School, the police station, the nuclear power plant… not one of them is missing.

It may become the best substitute to date for the legendary The Simpsons Hit & Run, although we still can’t prove it. The teamwork continues, although you can be aware of all the news on your website.

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