Hideo Kojima calms the waters by ensuring that Kojima Productions is and will remain an independent studio

In the last few hours, the alarm has gone off on the network, since the PlayStation Studios header image has been renewed. It has changed certain screenshots of its characters, but what really stands out in it is the fact that Death Stranding appears among the titles, which has made many wonder if it could mean that Sony had bought Kojima Productions.

As if that were not enough, Hideo Kojima himself did not help at all to calm the situation, because he himself posted this image in question on his Twitter accountwithout saying anything else. However, he hastened to apologize in another message and point out that everything has been a misunderstanding.

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In turn, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid saga has assured that “Kojima Productions is and will remain an independent studio.“, thus completely eliminating any possibility that your equipment has been or will be acquired by Sony sooner or later.

Even so, it would not have been unreasonable either if we take into account that Death Stranding and its Director’s Cut edition have been among the best exclusive games on consoles that have gone through PS4 and PS5, hence it would have been understandable that Sony and Kojima Productions wanted to maintain that good and close relationship for future projects.

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