Elden Ring solves a Dark Souls 3 mystery seven years later


One of the most frustrating enemies in Elden ring would come straight from Dark Souls 3.

Elden Ring, although with another name, is the evolution of FromSoftware’s Souls genre, now from an approximation of open world and more accessibility options to make it more attractive to a much wider audience, as evidenced by its over 12 million copies sold to date. This implies that, although it does not share a world with the Souls sagait does have certain references here and there that, apart from Patches, would have led to solve a dark souls 3 mystery.

Specifically, it is a mystery hidden in the game files. Dark Souls 3 dataminers discovered back in the day that there were animations and other unused content within the game, part of it with the name “SankeSoul”, which didn’t fit with any known boss. Until now. According to youtuber Zullie the Witch, this discarded content from Dark Souls 3 would have been reused in Elden Ring to give life to the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, whose AI would have the code name “SnakeSoul”.

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Beyond this Ulcerated Tree Spirit, an enemy you’re happy to hate, it’s also not hard to see that Elden Ring is a evolution of Dark Souls in most aspects, both graphic and playable. So it reuses assets, animations, and a bunch of other content that it simply gives a twist to fit the world of Elden Ring. Although it does not mean that FromSoftware has signed one of its best games to date.

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What’s new from FromSoftware is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC consoles. Take a look at our Elden Ring reviews to find out everything that awaits you in the Middle Lands. An adventure that has managed to garner one of the highest scores in history in specialized video game critics.

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