DC turns Joker and Harley Quinn into terrifying vampires


Find out what Harley Quinn and the Joker look like in alternate covers on DC vs. Vampires.

DC Comics has already revealed some details about the next comics of DC vs. vampire #7 Y DC vs. Vampires: All Out War #1 which will be published in July 2022. The comic artist Francesco Mattena created an alternate cover featuring the famous Harley turned into a deadly vampire that will be seen in the main series comic. On the other hand, the artist Ejikure created an elegant joker of the same species that will also be found in the derived series.

Find out what Harley Quinn and the Joker look like in alternate covers on DC vs. vampire

the comic series DC vs. vampire is being written by James Tynion IV Y matthew rosenberg with drawings being made by the artist Otto Schmidtand it is actually a story that is not part of the usual continuity of the DC Universe. The story focuses on a universe in which the Earth has been almost destroyed by a threat of unknown origin with supernatural characteristics.

Before some of the heroes of the land were forced to become vampire hunters, readers could immerse themselves in the saga DCeased From the writer Tom Taylor, where the planet was devastated by a kind of technological virus that created zombies. One similarity between the two universes at the time of writing is that while harley quinn manages to survive the threat of the end of the world without becoming a monster, but the joker he wasn’t so lucky.

Despite what the alternate cover shows, it was discovered in the comic that the Joker did not actually become a vampire as he is dead. However, this could change from one moment to another. The true enemy is embodied by himself Nightwingwho murdered Batman himself in cold blood.

the miniseries All Out War will have a total of six issues and will focus on John Constantin, Mary Marvel, Deathstroke Y Booster Gold while they try to assassinate an important vampire who will try to destroy him in his path. It is not yet known if there will be more series set in this curious universe ruled by vampires.

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