this Tatsumaki cosplay is so perfect that you can feel his power


Tatsumaki has never looked better than in this cosplay

One-Punch Man has interesting and characteristic characters full of charisma, especially those who are close to Saitama, the protagonist of this action series that borders on comedy. We know that both Murata, the cartoonist, and One, the writer, they like to create stories that stay in the hearts of their fans as this Tatsumaki Cosplay demonstrates.

On this occasion, the work of representation of this telepathic heroine comes directly from the artist and cosplayer Owllit, recognized for her passion for anime, video games and pop culture. Other projects that she has undertaken are Hu Tao from Genshin Impact or Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata. Nevertheless, his Tatsumaki cosplay may be one of his most memorable works or, at least this seems to indicate the comments of your last post.

One of the reasons this Tatsumaki Cosplay is a tribute to the psychic heroine is because her involvement has earned her a place in the heart of the fandom. The look is fairly simple and channels parts of the hero’s power that One-Punch Man never cares to explore. The cosplay shows the heroine in her full outfit as she glows a faint green courtesy of the photo editing. With her green hair curly like this, Tatsumaki comes to life with a little makeup and a sassy black dress with slits all over the skirt.

The detail of this Tatsumaki Cosplay from One-Punch Man

Of course, the best part of this Tatsumaki cosplay comes from the pose Owllit struck. If you’re a fan of One-Punch Man, you surely know that this professional heroine is one of the most powerful in the series, and she’s overwhelmed by being thought of as “just another girl”. If you have closely followed the latest story arcs of One and Murata’s manga, you will know that the devastating power that she and her sister possess is unparalleled.

One Punch Man tatsumaki cosplay

Although, truth be told, anyone who dares to mistake this powerful warrior for a girl will be severely punished, but this shoot shows the girl relaxing for once. A Tatsumaki cosplay that captures the essence of her through her facial expressions and traditional attire. And honestly, who wouldn’t use telekinesis to bring them drinks on a regular basis if she could like this heroine? Certainly, this cosplayer would without hesitation.

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