DC changes the identity of an important Green Lantern


A major Green Lantern character is getting a new identity.

In Green Lantern #12 published by DCthe famous Green Lantern John Stewart seems to have taken on a new role within the universe. In this comic, John Stewart He finds himself face to face with what he knows as the Source, an unlimited energy that according to the latest data was the cause of giving life to the integrity of the universe. Although this energy has never manifested as a physical character with feelings, it seems to have taken the form of jack kirby and it has resulted in a kind of curious tribute to one of the most important creators of comics in history.

An important Green Lantern character will have to understand his new powers

throughout the number, Stewart and the Source have a cosmic conversation about what the omniverse and what is the role that the own Stewart inside him. Having recently absorbed the divine storm and now stronger than ever, Stewart he is trying to control his new powers and abilities so that he can take control and not pose a threat to the world. The Source tells Stewart that this is all part of his ascension process and that these new powers are not something he can pass up as they can make a world of difference.

Talk about the need Stewart for understanding their new capabilities and not posing a threat to what is expected to be the return of the emerald knights. emerald knights It was a story published in Green Lantern Vol. 3 what do you see Hal Jordan travel to the future after he and kyle rayner fight Sinestro.

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