All the scenes with the SEGA logo on Mega Drive in a video full of gems like Earthworm Jim 2, Aladdin or Comix Zone

Nostalgia always invades us and any excuse is worth us to remember past times. But no, we will not say that “any time in the past was better” because otherwise we would not enjoy excellent vintages, such as 2017. Neither would Elden Ring, the eternal game that never ceases to surprise us.

Today it’s time to travel to the 90s, specifically to remember the particular SEGA logo on your Mega Drive. Or rather, that kind of game that didn’t stay with that iconic image, but instead played with the logo to give the opening credits more color, before taking the controls. because the channel Bits & Beats just done probably the best compilation we’ve ever seen. Attentive…

30 years of the SEGA Mega Drive in 30 historical moments that give us goosebumps

From legendary classics like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the official Aladdin video game or that hit called Comix Zone, passing through others well remembered like jurassic-parkthe sequel to Earthworm Jim or the fighting game Eternal Champions. And watch out, with rarities like X-Perts, one of the spin-offs of that versus or a Japan-exclusive Doraemon game, among other little-known games.

There are 8 minutes of video about it where that Mortal Kombat rival takes a good part of them by varying his introduction scene showing all his characters with the SEGA logo. Of all the animations, which one do you prefer?

Luckily the Mega Drive legacy is still very much alive, from new collections, classics that are incorporated into the Nintendo Switch Online subscription or through the SEGA Mega Drive Mini. Not in vain he was the great rival of the Brain of the Beast…

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