SEGA is working on a mysterious project called “Super Game”


A mysterious project about which little is known at the moment.

SEGA right now is on the crest of the wave with one of its best-known licenses, since the Sonic 2 movie is being a worldwide successcurrently becoming the highest grossing film in theaters, surpassing other blockbusters such as Sony’s Morbius.

However, in terms of video games, it must be said that last year SEGA announced its plans with a certain Super Game, which we could translate as Super Game, about which hardly anything is known and which would be thought to be developed over a period of five years. In this way, the objective of this project will be take better advantage of the company’s classic IPssuch as Sonic.

SEGA’s super game goes a long way

Having said all this, in a recent interview with top executives at SEGA, it was even mentioned that games are already in development within this framework, all these must be cross platform gameslaunch globally, be titles cataloged as triple A and offer several available languages.

In this way, for a large company like SEGA there shouldn’t be too many problems when it comes to developing games with these characteristics, although it hasn’t even been mentioned which ones and how they would be exactly.

Likewise, around the development of the Super Game, SEGA has 50 people involved in the project, this being only the basis of a larger number that is expected to be achieved over time, with hundreds of employees working on it.

In the same way, despite the fact that much has been said on the subject in relation to SEGA and despite the fact that they are in full decline, the Japanese company has ruled on NFTsas well as games in the clouds, these two being key elements in the Supergame.

It remains to be seen what the exact future of this project is, since is generating certain doubts in the short term. Be that as it may, we can only hope that, whatever it is, it turns out well for both users and the company itself. For the rest, one of the great SEGA games for this year will be Sonic Frontiers, which will be released in late 2022.

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