How to download the new Sonic Speed ​​Simulator for free without eating any clones

The success of Roblox Among the children’s audience there is no end and their collaborations with renowned franchises have just gone further, since the official game of the mythical Sonic the Hedgehog from SEGA has just been released in this infinite video game.

We say “infinite” because of that special feature of Roblox where we can create games of multiple genres, even a realistic FPS far removed from that innocent aesthetic that prevails on the platform. But what about Sonic? It is not so easy to find its official game because of endless clones, so we are going to help you so that you do not waste time and try it.

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How to know which is the official Sonic game?

Sonic in Roblox

The “clones” thing was no joke, especially since Sonic 2: The Movie was released in theaters. If you are looking for just “Sonic” or the name of the first Mega Drive video game, sonic the hedgehogyou will get a lot of imitations that do not come from the company of the most famous hedgehog in this giant industry.

Or what is worse, not even looking for the exact name we get rid of the clones… and then it is not clear which one is the real one. Because the game is officially called sonic speed simulator and has developed Gamefam Studiosbut there are several games with that name and in none of them appears Gamefam as the author.

So, what is the official game? Although it may not seem like it, it is the one that currently bears the name of [TESTING] sonic speed simulator by A_TEAM_. You can use both the game search engine and the link that we leave you with its name from its space on the official Roblox page to add it to favorites and not lose it.

We have officially partnered with @SEGA to bring @Sonic_Hedgehog to Roblox in our upcoming game Sonic Speed ​​Simulator!

We worked with various sonic developers from the #Roblox community in order to make this possible!#RobloxDev

Try it here:

— Gamefam Studios (@gamefamstudios) April 13, 2022

The result, as you can see in its Twitter trailer, is not far from the visual aspect of the sonic adventure of Dreamcast, although under a more Arcade tone in which the score prevails in an open world, for the simple pleasure of running with Sonic. After all, it is a “speed simulator”.

The problem is that for now its access is restricted, being currently in closed beta (paid), even though it has already been officially launched in Roblox. Hence, you may get a message that “you could not join” the game because it is not available at this time, with the subsequent error code 103, go.

Be that as it may, sonic speed simulator It will allow you to level up and gain speed by going through its worlds while collecting rings or gems, with the incentive of being able to compete against other people and obtain rewards for your Roblox avatar, such as pets or Sonic character skins, where your Priceless Tails. Also, there will be weekly updates.

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