Wolverine’s healing factor works differently than we thought


Wolverine’s healing factor works differently than we’ve seen in many comics.

Wolverine is one of the most complex characters of the Marvel universe, mainly due to its regeneration mutant abilitywhich allows him to heal all kinds of wounds and even stay young regardless of the decades that pass.

Maybe the possibility of not grow old or die may be a fantasy for many, but as Wolverine has shown, this can be a curse in itself, as you have to get used to seeing everyone you love die, over and over again.

However, many readers and lovers of the character we thought that this healing factor of Wolverine makes him practically immortal, due to impressive events that have been shown to us in the comics. But this is not so. In fact, this mutant ability does not work as we thought and, in the next few lines, we will tell you all about it.

Some Awesome Happenings Related to Wolverine’s Healing Factor Finally Explained

Finally, some important events involving Wolverine's healing factor are explained.

Finally, some important events involving Wolverine’s healing factor are explained.

Wolverine has some of the powers and most interesting abilities in the entire Marvel mutant universe. East He has retractable claws on his knuckles.. Although, initially these were made of bone, after some events that marked the character forever, his skeleton was covered with Adamantium, which makes him practically indestructible.

But the claws and its skeleton are not its only advantages, but this has an amazing healing factorwhich allows him to quickly regenerate wounds that would be fatal to many.

Over time, We have seen some events involving Wolverine’s healing factor., which has made us think that this Marvel character is immortal. However, all of these have their background explanation and, below, we will review them one by one.

The time the Hulk split Wolverine in half

Wolverine was able to join his body after being split in two by the Hulk.

Wolverine was able to join his body after being split in two by the Hulk.

One of the most epic comics in the entire history of Marvel takes us to Earth-1610, also known as the Ultimate Universe, which would be a kind of alternate timeline created by Marvel. This was born with the purpose of showing us some impressive events that did not have to alter the main continuity of this universe, telling us all kinds of interesting ideas.

some of these stories they showed us Captain America becoming presidentMagneto destroying the Earth and even Reed Richards going into darkness and becoming a terrible villain.

Another characteristic of this universe is that the origin story of the mutants is different from the canon of the comics, because here are the result of experiments with the gene of the “zero mutant” or Wolverine.

It is thanks to this alternate line of Marvel that readers were able to witness the Violent confrontation between Hulk and Wolverine. In fact, in the comic in question, published in 2006 and created by Damon Lindelof and Lenil Francis Yu, the first scene that greets us is a horrific image of Wolverine’s upper body crawling in the snow as he reached for the legs of Wolverine. him to join.

This scene, although very violent and a clear demonstration of the great strength of the Hulk, doesn’t make any sense. This is because, in the first place, Wolverine’s skeleton is covered by a indestructible metal that can only be damaged by it. This means that the Hulk, as strong as he was, could not have split the character in half.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense either is that Wolverine would need to find his legs to rejoin, as Wolverine has proven countless times that is able to regenerate its partsso it may have simply regenerated the bottom.

These are events that make no sensebut since it’s not a canon story, then this doesn’t matter much, since it was a story for the readers to enjoy a violent battle between the two.

Wolverine was able to regenerate his entire body from a drop of blood.

One of the most impressive feats of Wolverine's healing factor was rebuilding his entire body from a drop of blood.

One of the most impressive feats of Wolverine’s healing factor was rebuilding his entire body from a drop of blood.

The X-Men Annual comic #11, created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis, showed us one of the most incredible feats performed by Wolverine. And best of all, it’s a canon story.

In this story, readers were surprised to see that Wolverine was able to regenerate his entire body from a single drop of blood.. However, although this did happen and is canon, the truth is that he had a little outside help.

In this comic, Horde, an alien, landed on our planet to force the X-Men to find an important and powerful artifact: the Ultimate Sight Crystal.

After a series of events, Wolverine ends up facing this otherworldly enemy. However, because he has a shard of the crystal, it is almost impossible to beat him, so ends up cutting out Logan’s heart as if it were a trophy and destroying his body.

However, a drop of blood reaches to touch the Crystal, boosting the regeneration factor and allowing Wolverine to rebuild his body totally. But, as we saw, the reason for this was the contact that the blood had with the Crystal that grants practically divine powers.

In addition, in this same comic, this ability that Wolverine has to heal is explained in more detail. And a sample of this was the scene in which this baby nonstop to have the feeling of being drunk, at least a few secondsas the healing factor quickly removes toxins from his blood, as well as drunkenness.

Wolverine was able to survive a nuclear explosion detonated on his head

Surviving a nuclear explosion isn't too much work for Wolverine's healing factor.

Surviving a nuclear explosion isn’t too much work for Wolverine’s healing factor.

In Venom comic #8, created by Daniel Way and Paco Medina, Wolverine was associated with robot spiders from space and a clone of Venom. Later, during the battle, They drop a nuclear bomb right on Logan’s head.detonating at that moment.

In other words, Wolverine took a nuclear blast right to his head. A real madness! But even more so is the fact that, after a few minutes, Logan was back and ready to fight as if nothing had happened. The dirt on his clothes is probably the only thing that changed.

This was an incredible event that surely left more than one reader speechless. But he wasn’t the only one, because as we saw in Logan’s comic #2, he was trapped during the bombing of Hiroshima, being very injured by all these powerful explosions. However, she evidently survived this attack, as she managed to heal his body.

But the consequences of this comic created by Brian K. Vaughan and Eduardo Risso were a bit more realisticas far as it goes, for the character, compared to what we saw in Venom #2 where the explosion only soiled his clothes.

Wolverine survived being burned to the bone by Nitro

Wolverine was even able to regenerate after being burned to the bone by Nitro.

Wolverine was even able to regenerate after being burned to the bone by Nitro.

As we have seen throughout this post, Wolverine’s healing powers have allowed him to survive all kinds of tragedies and events that would spell the end for anyone. One of the most extreme cases was during the events of the Civil War created by Marc Guggenheim and in the Wolverine #43 comic, created by Humberto Ramos.

The moment in question occurs in the Wolverine comic, when we see Nitro use his powers to burn Logan until leaving only the skeleton of Adamantium. In fact, in these scenes we can appreciate the result of this event, since there was no skin or muscle left to regenerate. However, this one survived.

While it is true that these events occurred in the canon of history, it should also be noted that it was a work published at the time where it was unknown what limits Wolverine’s healing abilities hadsince, years later, it was shown that Logan can be killed if fire consumes him to the bone, something we saw in House of X comic #4, where he was thrown directly into the sun.

But this is not all, as other powerful enemies like Sentinel Nimrod managed to kill Wolverine by reducing him to the bone. As we mentioned, events like Nitro’s were released at a time when Logan’s powers seemed infinite and out of control.

What is the limit of Wolverine’s healing factor?

While Wolverine's healing factor doesn't have a hard cap, it also doesn't make him immortal or indestructible.

While Wolverine’s healing factor doesn’t have a hard cap, it also doesn’t make him immortal or indestructible.

This is an impossible question to answer, because this ability does not have a fixed preset limitbut it will depend on the creativity and need of the artists of the story and if they need it to survive important events or not.

However, due to events like the ones we have seen throughout the post, they have confused readers, creating the false perception that Wolverine is immortal and capable of surviving all kinds of situations, no matter how crazy they seem.

But this does not detract from Wolverine, who has shown be a hero with great survivability and strength to recover from all these events and move forward, although in the past he has shown fear of some things. All this makes it the favorite of many comic book lovers.

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