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Many tend to take advantage of any free day to go on a trip; be it to another part of your city, to the countryside, the mountains, another city or even another country. But what happens when travel is not possible and we have a few days off at home? The solution to not get bored, both as a couple, as with small children or friends, is to make different plans that we do not usually do so often when we are working.

Playing, exercising without haste, cooking a new recipe, having a day at the spa and body care, setting up a home theater, are some of the ideas that we propose at EL PAÍS Escaparate so that spring break be fun even while at home. In addition, Amazon Mexico has a section with top-selling products to achieve any of those plans that you propose these days. We leave you five.

exercise without haste

Although exercise should be present every day of our lives, even if it is minimal physical activity, it is true that the hustle and bustle of everyday life often does not allow us to enjoy this beneficial practice to the fullest and without haste. So it can be a good plan for these holidays at home; To achieve functional training without the need for multiple sports equipment, these resistance bands are perfect.

Made of high quality thermoplastic rubber or TPE, the set includes five units, each one coded with a color according to its resistance; from 10 pounds —4.5 kg— to 30 pounds —13.6 kg—. Thanks to its great resistance and elasticity, you can use a single band or use several leagues at the same time; In addition, they incorporate a non-slip, comfortable handle that absorbs sweat. Now, it’s 71% off.

Play video games as a family

This is a topic that is very present in the youngest, but, not always, it is usually a plan that is made as a family. The Nintendo Switch console has a multiplayer system and all kinds of video games for family fun. Plus, it transforms your home console into a portable system in no time; because spring break can also be lived in a park, in the mall or in the backyard.

The portability of the Nintendo Switch is further enhanced by its 6.2-inch screen, which displays brilliant, high-definition gameplay. It comes with two Joy-Con that can act as a stand-alone controller with a stick analog, a full complement of face and side buttons, built-in motion detection technology, and new HD Rumble. Version 1.1 32GB is 22% off.

make you a new hairstyle

A spa day that involves masks —both for the face and for the hair—, time to relax in the tub with aromatic candles and our favorite music, giving ourselves time to take care of our body and our mind is something we can do during these vacations Holy Week. In addition, you can try a new hairstyle with Revlon’s blow dryer brush, a best seller on Amazon Mexico and with more than 17,000 customer ratings.

It is ideal for detangling, drying, and shaping and volumizing hair in one step, while taking care of it from extreme heat and minimizing the frizz. It has combination bristles to detangle, add volume and have more control, as well as three temperature settings, an ergonomic handle and a cable that adapts to your movements. It is available in five colors, pink is 19% off.

Challenge your friends in a board game

Board games are the perfect option to have fun in a group, away from screens and the digital world, during these Easter holidays. At the same time they help develop strategies, make decisions or promote coexistence and group interaction. One of the options may be Catan, a proposal that requires attention and strategy and a classic of board games. Each game lasts about 75 minutes and to play you need a minimum of three participants and a maximum of four.

It is a game that combines strategy, cunning and the ability to negotiate. Players try to colonize an island and create trade routes as quickly as possible, through the purchase of raw materials and the construction of roads or cities. exceed the 5,000 customer ratings and has a 19% discount.

Bake a cake with your kids

Work, housework, traffic… many times, prevent us from enjoying fun things like cooking, taking advantage of those molds we have to make cakes or trying out a new recipe. So, if you and your children spend these holidays at home, take the opportunity to prepare all your favorite recipes with them.

Of course, it is necessary to have good quality utensils and appliances to achieve a good result. One of them is these non-stick rubber spatulas, food grade, BPA free and heat resistant up to 230ºC. The set includes 10 spatulas of different sizes and uses, all dishwasher safe and resistant to stains or odours. Now with a 6% discount.

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