passes the kingdom of Lothric and strikes down enemies without taking a single step in the entire game

We are completely immersed in the Elden Ring fever, without being able to get out of the fervor that the work of FromSoftware. Yesterday the world record was broken in an impossible speedrun and now we must look back to see that we can still take advantage of others Soulsborne.

Specifically to Dark Souls 3, which has a lot to say from youtuber ymfah. This creator has had no other idea than to spend the entire game without taking a single step. Yes, he has moved with his character, but he has not used the joystick and any keys to make him take steps. Here is your adventure.

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A level of fantasy that is possible thanks to two key elements. The first is choose Thief class, which grants the thief’s dagger that allows you to make very fast cuts. On the other hand, it grants the possibility of taking quick steps in the form of a dodge, which makes the character advance.

However, there is a problem and that is that to change direction, you need to move the joystick. Thanks to having chosen the Thief class, ymfah starts with a bow in his inventory, being able to take it out, aim and thus rotate the character to where he needs.

Under these conditions he has played until finally defeating Gael. a feat that it took him just over 23 hours to complete, but that most of us would abandon at the first death. Other users are also not far behind doing crazy things, like beating Dark Souls 3 using Morse code.

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