The Joker’s Superpowers Could Destroy the DC Comics Universe


The Joker has a “superpower” so dangerous that it is capable of destroying the DC Comics universe.

The Joker is one of the most important and dangerous villains of DC Comics, which, despite having the ability to destroy the entire world, prefers to play along with Batman. This character has proven to be a real threat.

This Gotham Villain is able to outshine other evil characters from comicswhich have special superpowers, despite the fact that he himself does not have one other than his deranged mind that, on occasions, has led him to do more sensible things than Batman himself.

Although the Joker does not have a special power per se, he has many unknown abilities, including a very peculiar and perverse, which has the potential to destroy the entire universe. Next, we tell you everything you need to know

What is the “superpower” of the Joker that is capable of destroying the DC universe?

The Joker's ability to turn people into versions of himself is very dangerous.

The Joker’s ability to turn people into versions of himself is very dangerous.

The Joker is a character who, despite being one of the most perverse and dangerous villains in comics, is very loved by readers. This has led him to have his participation in the cinema and television series.

One of the most dangerous abilities that the Joker has shown is the turn other people into wicked versions of himself. In other words, it is capable of “jokerize” to others, making them not only his henchmen, but share the same twisted sense of humor.

We have witnessed this ability both in the movies, as in the comics and even the animated series of Batman, where the Joker, as if it were Marvel’s Venom, uses chemical agents to nullify the personality of his victims and turn them into copies of himself or, rather, into murderous clowns.

If we think about it, this ability of the Joker has the potential to destroy the entire world, since it can convert animals, humans, Kryptonians, demigods, and living beings generally in versions of himself through his special poison. Some of these examples we have already seen in the comics.

At what times has the Joker used this insane power?

If he set his mind to it, the Joker is capable of ending the entire world.

If he set his mind to it, the Joker is capable of ending the entire world.

One of the characteristics that makes this ability of the Joker so dangerous is that its victims do not know when it will attack, since you can use your chemicals in the form of gas, liquids that you inject, among other forms. Ultimately, his imagination is the limit.

We have previously mentioned that the Joker has already used this ability, resulting in unspeakable chaos and tragedy across the planet. An example of this is found in the New 52 Batman: Endgame comic, created by Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder, Danny Miki, Steve Wands and FCO Plascencia, in which we witnessed how this murderous clown infected the Justice League , turning her into a group of superpowered Joker clones.

In that same comic, the consequences of this action by the Joker could have been terrible, but this League of Clowns focused on attacking Batman instead of destroying the world. Another example of this terrible power was when the Clown Prince of Gotham decided to infect the entire city, turning all its inhabitants into clones of himself.

This event was so big that even the armed forces were forced to act to prevent the spread of this virus.

Although he doesn’t have any special superpowers like other villains, the Joker has been shown to have such a disturbed, wicked intellect, but at the same time so superior, that it is capable of overshadowing other characters. In fact, this one has even beaten heroes other than Batman. Undoubtedly, he is a character to be feared who the DC universe should thank for having no interest in destroying everything.

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