New World is free to play on Steam all weekend

Amazon Games recently dropped that today it is working on a good handful of new New World content that will arrive throughout this year through free updates. That itself makes us anticipate a very hopeful future for this MMORPG that seeks to recover users after its success deflated during its first weeks.

With this same purpose, it has enabled the possibility of being able to try it for free for a few days through Steam. This trial version will remain active until April 11so you have the whole weekend ahead to give it all the cane you want.

In turn, it has temporarily reduced its price until April 18. Until then it will cost 40% less, which will mean that you can get hold of it for €23.99 instead of the 39.99 euros that it usually costs. In addition, all the progress you make will be carried over in case you want to go on more adventures with your characters.

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In NewWorld You will enter the fantasy world of Aeternum, with endless challenges, resources to collect, pieces of equipment to obtain, creatures and enemies to fight against in real time and players everywhere with whom you can collaborate or fight. All this to forge a new destiny after being shipwrecked on this island having lost your belongings and allies.

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