Batman Beyond changes an ally of Bruce Wayne


Terry McGuinis is left without allies to protect Gotham City.

Within the timeline that makes up the vast universe of batman beyond, Barbara Gordon assumed the role of his father within the Police Department of the city of Gotham What Commissioner Gordon. This new role for her character was introduced during the first season of the original television series. batman beyond. Now in Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1, Gordon He quits the police force so he can end his life fighting crime in Gotham.

Terry McGuinis runs out of allies to protect Gotham City

Barbara disclose this information to the McGuinis explaining that she is tired of protecting Gotham for so many years and having lost many friends along the way. She believes the city no longer needs her, when she couldn’t be further from the truth. For now, highly advanced artificial intelligence has managed to control Neo Gotham and behaves like the city itself, so McGinnis running out of allies to help end the war.

Neo-Gotham has made big and difficult decisions such as killing BruceWayne in Batman: Urban Legends #7the prelude to Neo-Year. To try to slow down the steps of intelligence, McGinnis destroyed the Wayne Manor, but that couldn’t stop intelligence from taking over Gotham. McGinnis has already lost a mentor and an ally, but now he loses another with Barbara outside the City Police Department Gotham.

Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1 is written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, with drawings by Max Dunbar.

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