Logan Paul sets a Guinness World Record with his $5.2 million Pokemon card


Logan Paul breaks the world record for “Most Expensive Pokémon Trading Card Sold at a Private Sale.”

Over the last few years, youtuber Logan Paul has been getting more and more involved in the sport of fighting, starting mainly with boxing, where had an exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather, and another against legend Mike Tyson. However, he has recently entered WWE with The Miz as a partner in a Tag Team match against Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio.

Beyond impressing fans with his WWE debut, Logan Paul has caught the attention of Pokémon fans by customarily including one of the most valuable cards in your collection in the outfit of his entrance to the ring, but that is not the best of all, because after finishing the fight, Paul received a Guinness world record thanks to that same letter, which in this case is that of Pikachu Illustrator.

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Logan Paul breaks a Guinness World Record for the most expensive Pokémon card ever bought

logan paul

Logan Paul Guinness World Record with his Pokémon card

After winning his first match in WWE, Logan Paul immediately received the Guinness World Record for having made an exchange valued at $5,275,000 in order to obtain the Pikachu Illustrator card, this being the most expensive ever purchased by a collector (“Most Expensive Pokémon Trading Card Sold in Private Sale”).

This letter is valuable for the fact that it was illustrated by the original creator of Pikachu, Atsuko Nishida. So, it’s pretty much the greatest achievement a Pokémon collector can have, not only because of this, but also because this 1998 Japanese Promo Pikachu Illustrator card was rated PSA 10. Only 39 copies of it were distributed, and at the moment only 24 have been confirmed worldwideLogan Paul being the most expensive of all.

the youtuber made this purchase on July 22, 2021 in Dubai, where did you have to invest 4 million dollars in cash and turn in your Pikachu Illustrator PSA 9 valued at $1,275,000 for a total of $5,275,000

This Pokémon card was just bought by a youtuber for $150,000

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