causing him to commit suicide in two different ways

One of the most imposing combats in all of Elden Ring is the one that confronts us with Radahn, Scourge of the Stars. It is not only because of the stage, but also because of the figure of this boss who, to top it off, has a devastating attack range.

Until I tried the Rotten Breath trick, it had resisted me for quite a few attempts. But if I had known that there were other methods to defeat him in a ridiculous way, I would have saved myself more than one dislike. Attentive…

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First method: let him fall from the mountain

A few days ago Iron Pineapple surprised us by completing the game in pacifist mode. And if you watched the video from start to finish, you might have been surprised to see how he took advantage of a trick to beat Radahn without even touching him.

He simply climbed up a mountainside and had the Scourge of the Stars follow him to see how he fell afterwards to his instant death. And logically this trick has been used by many more people.

Second method: drowning in deep sea

— いずおく。/九十四杏🍆🦇 (@izuoku_) April 7, 2022

The second trick also takes advantage of another game bug, by making Radahn kill himself when he does his meteor attack, which leads to the second phase of this spectacular combat. As you can see in izuoku_’s video, she stays at the edge of the water so that it falls directly into the sea and commits suicide for not knowing how to swim. This makes up for the changes after patch 1.03, where he had gotten some of his power back… Until he’s fixed again, of course.

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