Trials Rising disguises itself as Elden Ring with the Places of Grace marking the times

The Elden Ring thing has long since ceased to make any kind of sense. The fervor behind the work of FromSoftware It is such that we have seen how a Tekken 7 modder has introduced several characters in the fighting title. Impressive, but there could be someone who saw it coming. This does not.

Trials Rising, the famous game in which we must have more balance than any artist in the circus, allows us to create all kinds of levels. And what better way to get a circuit inspired by the Middle Lands out of your hat, as we can see here.


— JAN (@JANVRC2) April 6, 2022

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You don’t have to rub your eyes, it’s totally true. we can see everything a Sinluz on the motorcycle that replaces Torrenteraready to reach the top. An escalation that allows us to see all kinds of motifs and references to Elden Ring.

For example, we have the Golden Tree in the background that we can see from almost anywhere on the map. Here the Places of Grace work as control points and they mark the time it takes us to complete the level.

Of course, all the medieval aesthetics are not missing either, ending up in a castle in which the character is crushed by a giant monster. If you want to try this track on Trials Risingyou can search for it on Track Central by the name xKx-ELDEN RACE. The author of this fantasy is kailiman666to which we dedicate a frank reverence.

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