This is the villain that Naruto’s Kurama would have no chance of winning against.

In Boruto he has been so powerful that not even Naruto with Kurama could beat.

Both the Naruto manga, in its time, and Boruto, today, we have been introduced to a wide variety of characters that not only enrich the ninja world of this story, but are also powerful. And this not only applies to allied ninjas, but also to enemies, as Akatsuki was in the original series.

Although power scaling has skyrocketed ridiculously in Borutowhere we find a Sasuke capable of traveling between dimensions and controlling the form of the perfect Susano’o and a Naruto with the power of all Bijuusit can be difficult to find enemies that really put them in trouble.

However, in a recent chapter of the Boruto manga, we have been introduced to an enemy character that not even Naruto and Kurama could beat in a fight individual. Next, we tell you everything about it.

The new enemies of the ninja world in Boruto

Some of the Kara members in Boruto

Some of the Kara members in Boruto

The antagonists for much of the Naruto saga and Naruto: Shippuden were the Akatsuki group, made up of renegade ninjas from different villages. And in the Boruto manga, this idea of ​​a powerful enemy organization – Kara – has been implemented again.

Kara is a group of cyborg ninjas, who they are extremely powerful and dangerous. But, the reality is that the level of power that Naruto and Sasuke have at this point in the story is enormous, so they are capable of defeating most of these opponents.

However, there is a member of Kara, which not even Naruto with Kurama could beat. This brings freshness to the story, as it remains to be seen how our ninja heroes will manage to succeed against this threat. Not to mention that they already received a kind of “nerf” on their abilities: Sasuke losing the Rinnegan and Naruto losing Kurama with Baryon Mode.

Who is the villain in Boruto that not even Naruto and Kurama could beat?

Daemon, a boy capable of beating Naruto and Kurama

Daemon, a boy capable of beating Naruto and Kurama

The Kara group is made up of many interesting opponents, with peculiar abilities and a lot of power. However, it was after the arrival of Daemon that the balance that Naruto and Sasuke maintained in the ninja world was interrupted.

We could say that Daemon is a child, both in body and in mind. However, this one has a special ability which makes him an enemy worth fearing. This is the power of reflection and, as its name indicates, it allows him to reflect or return any negative intention directed towards him, back to its point of origin.

This means that if an enemy makes an attack towards Daemon, immediately it will be returned to the individual. This ability allows her to reflect both physical and chakra attacks, making it impossible to take on this Kara member without a proper plan.

Daemon was a boy purchased by Kara to continue her experiments. In this process, Amado turned him into the dangerous cyborg he is today.. And his power is so massive that even Jigen, the leader of the group, gave the order to kill both him and his sister, Eida.

The events of the Boruto manga are lining up to present us with, eventually, a fight between Daemon and Naruto along with his son. This is because Code, one of the last survivors of Kara, allied himself with this cyborg and his sister in their fight against the protagonists.

When Naruto finally confronts Daemon and discovers his power of reflection, you will have to think of a plan to beat himbecause in the traditional way, he will only be able to kill himself when receiving his attacks back.

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