Nvidia already allows you to play demos through GeForce NOW and adds six new titles to the streaming catalog

We are on Thursday, which translates into succulent news for GeForce NOW. Starting today, Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform receives an interesting function such as being able to play demos via streaming. There are several titles that we can try, including Chorus, Ghostrunner, Diplomacy Is Not an Option and The Rift Breaker Prologue.

As we look forward to more demos in the future, one more incentive is added to two types of accounts. The Priority and the RTX 3080 will also be able to play the demos using ray tracing and DLSS if they wish. On the other hand, two finalist games of the Epic MegaJam 2021 are added.

We explain how to play GeForce Now for free, NVIDIA's streaming service on PC games

Specifically they are BotiBoi and Microwasp Seekers, which are created through the Unreal Engine. All of this is well-packaged in the 2.0.39 update, which improves the app on PC and Mac, as well as giving us six new games to play this week:

  • Die After Sunset (Steam)
  • ELDERBORN (Steam)
  • Northgard (Epic Games Store)
  • Offworld Trading Company (Steam)
  • Spirit Of The Island (Steam)
  • TUNIC (Epic Games Store)

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