Remedy and Rockstar will rebuild the classics for next-gen consoles and PC

RemedyEntertainment He has found the point to reconnect with great classics: not too long ago the remastering of Alan Wake arrived and now it will be the turn of Max Payne himself. Of course, in this case it is more than an update: Max Payne and Max Payne 2 They will return together and with a totally renewed appearance. A double remake that, in addition, it is created for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PCs.

The announcement has been made by the Finnish company itself through an official statement in which, in addition, it is anticipated that Rockstar Games will take part collaborating with the project and its financing. And, as has been seen, the project will be given exceptional treatment thanks to this.

Why Remedy Games Divide People So Much

Ultimately, despite the fact that the scoundrel Max shares the same face as Sam Lake, at least in the first two games, the support of the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series was essential in the trilogy.

What can we expect from this reunion with Max Payne? For now, the first details regarding this unexpected return already make us rub our hands.

  • Of departure, Max Payne and Max Payne 2 they will be released as a single remake. That is, a single title that will include the games of 2001 and 2003.
  • In addition to this, in what refers to the technical section will bet on the Northlight Engine, the same one used in Control. Which tells us what kind of changes we can expect aesthetically from the original 2001 Max Payne.
  • Finally, the statement not only reinforces the alliance between the two studios, but Rockstar will give the project a huge financial boost. In fact, as indicated, it will be a great production of the same caliber as Remedy’s current Triple A.

However, and despite being a great announcement, the final section of the statement also puts our feet back on the ground: currently this remake of the first two Max Payne games is in very early stages of development. The agreement was signed today and, according to Remedy, both games are in a concept development stage, which more or less rules out that we will see something this year. The hands will not have to wait so long for Alan Wake II.

In any case, very good news for fans of Max Payneand new and great excuses to take the generational leap or update the components of our PCs.

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