Free games come to Evercade VS on a monthly basis, but this feature comes in fine print

Blaze Entertainment greatly improved the performance of the Evercade laptop when creating its desktop version under the name Evercade VS, where it stood out for those four controller slots and the addition of dual cartridges.

It was not a giant leap at a technical level, but it was in the general aspect and it was accompanied by another wave of cartridges, the Gaelco one being one of the juiciest for the mythical World Rally that we sucked so much in the 90s in arcades . The curious thing is that now Blaze surprises us with the news that apart from continuing with the cartridges, every month we will start receiving a free game of the month. But before you celebrate, it’s not the same as the Epic Games Store…

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A free video game that will expire every month


Thanks to the firmware updates that this console receives via WiFi, very soon we will be able to download games at no additional cost… but in a different way. It will not be to redeem it and keep it forever. Nor will they be games from mythical companies like Namco, Gaelco itself or Data East, to name a few, but this promotion will start to promote the future Indie Heroes Collection 2 which, of course, will have its corresponding physical cartridge.

Each month a game will be given away and you can only play that month. Then it will be changed for another and you will not be able to play the previous one. And so on. They will be complete games, but with limited useso that we understand each other and there are no doubts.

Starting this Friday, April 8, the first one will be given away. The video game in charge of breaking the ice will be Tapeworm Disc Puzzlewhich grew out of a successful kickstarter campaign in 2020 to guarantee its release on NES (console for which it was created in mind), Dreamcast and PC. On Steam, in fact, it costs 8 euros. But if you have Evercade VS (no, this promotion is not included in the portable) you can play it for free for a whole month to see if you like it or not.

If yes, then you should know the other fine print of this monthly promotion: saved games are not compatible with the future cartridge, in case you decide to buy it when it is released. And Blaze has promised that in the remainder of 2022 it will give away 10 indie games, so there will inevitably be several that will share a month. So two games for one, really.

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