This differentiates The Thing from the rest of the Marvel heroes.

The Thing writer Walter Mosley explains how Ben Grimm is different from other Marvel heroes.

We would not understand superhero comics without their groupings, events and crossovers between all the characters that make up their universe. However, until we reach what we know now with a continuity that has undergone numerous changes and stories, Marvel had to mark the origin of his first group of superheroes: fantastic four.

The creation of the Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and jack kirby It was a revolution in comics since it marked a before and after in the way of understanding superhero comics. The group debuted on The Fantastic Four #1starring in their own comic book series in 1961. This iconic group consists of reed richardsa scientific genius and the leader of the team, the Invisible Womanthe Human Torch and the Thing.

The Thing Writer Walter Mosley Explains How Ben Grimm Is Different From Other Marvel Heroes

Now, some interesting statements about Walter Mosleycomic book writer The Thinghave shed some light on what you think of this member of fantastic four and why he thinks it’s important within Marvel. The Thing is known for its rocky appearance, which was caused by radiation from a cosmic ray storm. The character has already been adapted to the big screen on several occasions with Michael Chicklis on Fantastic Four from 2005 and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer from 2007. Jamie Bell also assumed his role in the reboot of Fantastic Four of 2015. Referring to the inability of The Thing to finish fitting into the universe Marvel said about him the following words:

When you think about the vastness of comics, The thing It may be of little relevance within Marvel. He can really die as he is not as strong as other characters seem. He has no power other than physical strength to destroy. I want the character to have a special place in my series by putting him in a very important place of cosmic relevance. He will have to face difficult situations for him that will allow him to reach the place he deserves and needs.

This differentiates The Thing from the rest of the Marvel heroes.

The Thing #6from Walter Mosley and Tom Reilly It will be available from April 6.

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