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Designed with silent, ergonomic keys and multi-color LED lights.  GETTY IMAGES.Designed with silent, ergonomic keys and multi-color LED lights. GETTY IMAGES.

If you are a video game lover and want to enjoy an immersive, comfortable, fast gaming experience in which freedom of movement is the protagonist, then the perfect accessory is a keyboard gaming wireless. And it is that they are designed with a technology that offers a very fast response time, allows the opportunity to have a greater distance from the computer and, in addition, achieve a larger workspace and without cables

There are a wide variety of models to choose from, but to make the search easier in EL PAÍS Escaparate we have prepared a selection as a guide with some of the best wireless keyboards gaming, equipped with dimmable multicolor LED lighting. Discover them!

Keyboard gaming wireless by KLIM

this keyboard gaming wireless offers a very fast response time and is equipped with a tri-color backlight effect, so that all keys can be seen clearly even in the dark, while achieving an eye-catching aesthetic on the desktop.

Its structure is waterproof, lightweight (460 grams) and is made of ABS plastic, in addition to having a special coating on the keys that prevents them from wearing out easily.

Silent operation

The keyboard designed by KLIM is equipped with membrane keys for silent use, avoiding annoying noises when pressing them and guaranteeing maximum precision.

Keyboard gaming wireless Krom KLUSTER

It is a keyboard gaming Wireless with 17 configurable lighting effects (in speed and intensity) and Bluetooth or USB cable connection.

integrated leads switches mechanics that guarantee greater comfort in games, as well as being able to deactivate the Windows key, preventing it from interrupting the game.

mini size

‘Krom Kluster’ is a compact wireless gaming keyboard, with a mini size of only 10 x 29 x 10 centimeters and a weight of 565 grams. Thus, it is a great option to free up space on the desktop and gain comfort.

gaming kit with ZIYOU LANG wireless keyboard

gaming kit Equipped with a high-quality LED backlit wireless keyboard, enhancing the atmosphere during the game and providing an immersive experience.

The keyboard has a built-in multifunction key to easily adjust the lights or volume. It also includes a smart sleep function to save energy.

Includes accessories

It is a gamer game to enjoy comfort, freedom of movement and speed in each game, since the wireless gaming keyboard is accompanied by an ergonomic mouse and an exquisite wear-resistant mat.

Keyboard gaming wireless

this keyboard gaming cordless has a compact 63-key layout, keeping functional keys like left/right, up/down, essential for productivity. It can simultaneously connect with three devices via bluetooth or Type-C cable.

It offers an autonomy of up to eight hours with just one charge, thanks to its powerful battery, and has eight adjustable backlight modes.

curved keys

Dierya’s wireless gaming keyboard keys are gently curved for a comfortable touch feeling and ergonomic experience, ensuring greater comfort and preventing fatigue.

Keyboard gaming wireless Lexon Tech, various colors

It is a wireless gaming keyboard developed with 2.4 gigabyte technology, which ensures wireless control and long-range computer connection.

The keyboard has an LED backlight system, guaranteeing an excellent visual experience, and its intensity can be adjusted, as well as keeping the lights off depending on the need.

Includes wireless mouse

This wireless keyboard includes a mouse with a non-slip and breathable mouse pad, making your gaming experience faster, more comfortable and more efficient. In addition, the mouse also incorporates an LED backlight system and the mouse pad has a matching, original and striking design.

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