A God of War Ragnarok developer anticipates new mechanics

Heat Kratos you go out.

The reboot of God of War that we lived in 2018 revolutionized a large part of the lovers of this saga, being mostly for the good. The introduction of totally new mechanics to the franchise back then managed to wow a lot of people, so it’s only natural that shortly after that we’re going to get a direct sequel to this one. Specifically, God of War Ragnarok was officially announced during one of the video game events that would come to PlayStation 5, although we could only see a small logo teaser. Later, this title was delayed for the year 2022, and some time later, during another PlayStation event, the first gameplay of the game was shown.

If there is something that we can all agree on when we see that gameplay, it is that this title does not seem to innovate too much with respect to the first part, that is, that it would be a very continuous video game. The surprise comes when a tweet posted by Beau Anthony Jimenez, a God of War Ragnarok developerimplies that we will see surprises at the playable level.

Specifically, in the aforementioned tweet, this developer points out that he is nervous to see how people will be similarly surprised when God of War Ragnarok arrives, something that would be totally normal if he had not done so in a response to a tweet that contained a video in which a user is surprised by the behavior of the Leviathan axe. Among many others, Kratos’ new weapon was one of the biggest surprises that we got at the playable level during the last titleso it’s hard to see how they could match that surprise.

So excited for players to react similarly to what we’re cooking up on God of War: Ragnarök.

Suffice to say, work has been a blast😊 https://t.co/n1CWGjwdgq

— Beau Anthony Jimenez (@thebeauanthony) April 2, 2022

This may simply be a marketing maneuver, or a developer tremendously excited about his work, something that is totally normal, although it may also be that this God of War Ragnarok holds many more surprises for us than we could see in the trailer. For now we will have to wait to see a new trailer, in which we will also predictably know the official release date of the title, since for now we only know that will be released sometime in 2022.

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