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As you know, in one of the channels that we have in our Discord server We offer you a debate every week. Today it’s time to review some of the best answers that we have received on the subject that we proposed a few days ago, which was the following:

Which service do you think is better, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or the new PlayStation Plus?

Regardless of whether they are rival services or not, the idea was to see what each one offers for a similar price and which one you stick with, since the PlayStation Plus Premium plan and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have the same annual price (120 euro/year) but they do not offer the same advantages.

our reader Dai-Yamamura told us the following:

“I tried the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and it is the host, very complete. Personally I don’t like consoles, but for a PC that Game Pass comes in handy. Of course, you must have space on your PC to download certain games that you like (in my case, I couldn’t with Forza Horizon).

On the other hand, this is what he told us combine47:

“From my perspective, the Xbox Game Pass is the best to date, since it offers us a complete catalog to play different installments. Unfortunately we know about what is happening with Playstation and its declining service, so in my opinion Game Pass is the best thing that Microsoft gave us.

agmbiomeanwhile, left us this message:

“As for games, the GamePass. Having the MFS20, the FH5 and other exclusive games is priceless. It is true that PlayStation does not have much intention of following in the footsteps of Xbox, but with this new service they may be able to improve PS +. However, most of the ones I know have it for online and the games are just an extra. If not, the best alternative on PlayStation is PsNow.”

We also bring you here the comment he left us Hugo.T:

“I understand that it is tempting to compare them, but it only takes a little scratching to see that they have NOTHING to do with each other when you realize that neither is the definitive product; Let me explain: 1) GamePass is an incredible service, it has everything and it has day 1 games, what it does not have is a balance or return on investment. And we all suspect that it is heavily subsidized by Microsoft. This means that either in the future they hope to have enough subscriptions to amortize or they will raise prices. What is quite clear today is that they are going to lose. On the other hand, we have PS Plus (the new one with its tiers, etc.) which is very inferior in services and does not have day 1 games. But of course, this indicates that it may be profitable. They handle totally different objectives even though in our eyes they are equivalent products”.

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our reader victor1359 He contributed his grain of sand:

“Everything that is competition between companies is better for us, although as a colleague said before, like the Ultimate Pass that works for you with the PC, there is nothing better.”

We are finishing with the message that has sent us CarAMJ:

“It is very difficult to compare them when one of the services has not yet debuted on the market, but according to the information that came out of the new PS +, Game Pass Ultimate is much better. Game Pass has a very varied catalog and at a very affordable price, and the fact of being able to install the games allows you to play them without worrying about Internet speed, which I feel is one of the weak points of PS+ Premium (betting on streaming in this moment). But just when the new PS + comes out we will see how wide the catalog is, how much quality it has and if it is the same or better in terms of operation compared to its competition.

As always, the comments section is all yours to share your thoughts on the matter with everyone.

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