FILA Announces Cool Sonic-Inspired Sneakers You’re Going To Want To Own

The film has been released this Friday in Spain.

If you are fans of Sonic, you will already know that Sonic 2 opens in theaters this Aprilarriving in Spain on April 1, that is, last Friday, while it will arrive in other territories such as Latin America on April 8, a week later.

It is for all this that there is much to be done about it in terms of the promotion of the filmsince, coming from where it comes from and being considered as one of the best movies based on video gamesat Paramount Pictures have not missed the opportunity to do a collaboration with FILA, the well-known footwear brand:

FILA has teamed up with Paramount Pictures to launch the Ray Tracer Evo x Sonic 2, a unisex slip-on sneaker inspired by the iconic Sonic shoe as seen in the film, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The Ray Tracer Evo x Sonic 2 now available at @Sonicmovie #sonicmovie2

– ROW (@FILAUSA) March 31, 2022

As you can see in the previous tweet, it has been announced that FILA has created some sneakers inspired by Sonicthus giving a result that is excessively faithful to what can be seen not only in the film, but also in the video games themselves that take the source material.

Likewise, FILA has baptized these sneakers as the Ray Tracer Evo x Sonic 2, being described as a unisex slip-on shoe inspired by Sonic’s iconic shoe as seen in the Sonic 2 movie. Of course, don’t think that it will be cheap to get them, since They cost $110 and are only available on the FILA website..

The Ray Tracer Evo x Sonic 2 are the new sneakers based on Sonic’s

Having said all this, it should be noted that Sonic 2 is the sequel to the 2020 filmwhere Sonic, far from being the only character that comes from video games, will join forces with Tails, his legendary adventure partner, to stop the plans of Doctor Robotnik and Knuckles, who have joined to find the Master Emerald.

It must be said that the film bases a large part of its plot and winks on Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knucklesbeing these video games that were launched in the first steps of the hedgehog within the video game industry.

We will have to see how the film performs at the box office, but everything indicates that we are facing one of the commercial bombings of the year.

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