A group of fans imagines an excellent demake of Mass Effect with the gameplay of Advance Wars

The 64 bit channel He has surprised us on numerous occasions with excellent demakes that we would certainly have paid to make real. There we have the examples of Paper Zelda, God of War with the gameplay of Breath of Fire IV or what BioShock Infinite would have looked like if it had been released on SNES.

Following the same line, this group of fans has published a new demake in which this time they have chosen Mass Effect. This has left us with a video showing us what the game would have been like if it had been released on the Game Boy Advance along with gameplay and mechanics that clearly pay homage to Advance Wars.

The result is wonderful, placing the key characters of the BioWare saga in the battles of the well-known Nintendo franchise. There is also no lack of conversations between them and those moments in which the action jumps from an aerial perspective with tiny characters to a closer 2D point of view.

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In addition, there would also be decision-making for decide who lives and dies, but what is a real shame is that all this remains only in a video and there is no playable version. In any case, the work behind it is impressive, but it also leaves us wanting more news about the state of the new Mass Effect that is in development.

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