the DualSense controller for PS5 cheaper than ever

The DualSense has been awarded as the best controller in history.

The DualSense controller has been the authentic revolution of the new generation of consoles. At the BAFTA awards she has been awarded as the best commander in history. This is thanks to your haptic technology and adaptive triggers that make you feel the resistance of some objects in your hands. Now the blue DualSense controller for PS5 has dropped in price and it costs only 73.86 euros on Amazon. It has a 12% discount that you can take advantage of to have an additional controller.

It is the first time that this command low price, as PlayStation released new colors earlier in the year. There are more and more models available and the Starlight Blue is priced at €73.86., reaching its historical minimum. Although the difference is not very great, the truth is that it is a temporary offer that won’t be long. Below you also have the evolution of the price of the controller, as well as the Technical specifications. The DualSense controller is available in many colors, although its price varies a lot.

The blue DualSense controller costs €73.86 right now

Evolution of the price of the DualSense controller

The blue DualSense controller reaches its historical low.

When it comes to the new model for ps5, this command wears out right away. It is possible that the new DualSense models have fixed the drift problems, which would be a very positive point. In any case, it is a controller with unique characteristics and very different to DualShock. The controller is capable of transmitting in-game actions with two triggers that replace traditional vibration motors. this is called haptic feedback.

While the adaptive triggers allow you to feel different levels of force and tension when performing certain actions such as drawing a bow, step on the car brake or shoot a gun. It has a more ergonomic design, integrated speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The blue DualSense controller is now cheaper than ever, since so it only costs 73.86 euros. It is a temporary offer that can disappear at any time or even run out one of the most demanded commands. It is always good to have an additional controller to play multiplayer games with friends.

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