Skylines will bring the management and construction of cities to the virtual reality of Meta Quest 2 at the end of April

The company Fast Travel Games has announced that it is in charge of a virtual reality adaptation of Cities: Skylines under the name of Cities: VRwhose launch will take place in goal quest 2 and even we already know exactly when it will occur: the 28th of April.

The proposal will be practically identical, since in this simulator we will become the mayor of a city, having to draw roads, place buildings, infrastructures, neighborhoods, direct the flow of traffic and much more, although at the same time we must not lose look at the economy and the emergency services to try to ensure that citizens lead a good and safe life.

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The game will allow you to control all aspects of planning with a renewed interface adapted to virtual reality controls, with very intuitive tools. In this way, the gameplay will offer a more precise and immersive experience, to the point that you can see everything from a bird’s eye view or also from the streets as just another pedestrian.

Cities: VR will try to be the definitive city-building game for virtual reality when it goes on sale later this month with a price of €29.99although you can reserve your copy in advance and take advantage of a 10% discount, which leaves its price temporarily at 26.99 euros.

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