The brutal Earthworm Jim 2 came as a surprise to Nintendo Switch Online along with two bonus Namco classics

Without warning, the most powerful worm in video games has just sneaked into Switch: the brand new Earthworm Jim 2 It’s already played on the two-in-one console via the Nintendo Switch Online service, and it comes with two very interesting rarities from the classic Namco for the NES: DIG DUG II and MAPPY-LAND. Three games, as we will see, really exceptional.

The sequel to Earthworm Jim was originally released in 1995, and despite the fact that SEGA Saturn and the first PlayStation were already on the shelves, it positioned itself in record time as one of the action and platform games funniest and funniest from the age of 16 bits. The keys: amazing animations, extremely detailed levels, spectacular gameplay, a rhythm that lives up to all of the above, and surrealism is always the flag.

30 years of Super Nintendo: the Brain of the Beast

From here, a very curious fact: it is the first time that the version of the Brain of the beast of Earthworm Jim 2 is relaunched on a Nintendo console: despite the fact that the first installment accommodated the Nintendo DSi with exclusive news, the 16-bit classics from Interplay were only rescued for Wii through the Mega Drive Virtual Console. Which gives an extra value to this reunion.

For its part, DIG DUG II and MAPPY-LAND They were released in 1986 offering an interesting new twist to the well-known Namco arcades that took advantage of the possibilities, graphics and playable trends of Nintendo’s 8-bit:

Screenshot 7279

  • DIG DUG II It goes from the underground to a kind of islands that we ourselves can cut and demolish while we dodge and eliminate enemies with a little skill.

Screenshot 7280

  • In the case of MAPPY-LAND, the platform formula of the arcades is maintained but the scenarios are much larger, with more possibilities and more interactive. A huge leap in quality.

Earthworm Jim 2 and the Namco classics are now available on Nintendo Switch but, like the SNES and NES classics, you won’t find them in the eShop, but rather in the service’s catalog of classic games. nintendo switch onlineallowing all subscribers to enjoy them without having to pay a penny more.

As a reference, the subscription to Nintendo Switch Online that gives access to the NES and SNES classics, including these three novelties, saved in the cloud and online play is valued at 19.99 euros for 12 months or an annual family plan of 34.99 euros that is worth eight bills.

That said, technically Nintendo has added a fourth game to Switch subscriptions earlier today.

The four new Nintendo Switch Online games

March is a very special and significant date for Nintendo Switch as it commemorates the launch of the console itself. However, the news of nintendo switch online they seemed to favor only those who opted for the Expansion Pass: in these 30 days the new circuits of Mario Kart 8, F-Zero X and three Mega Drive classics have arrived.

The inclusion of the three new NES and SNES games has caught us off guard in a month that we almost considered closed. But also because of their weight compared to the latest additions to the online service: they were nice games, but they were a bit far from being among the favorites of the players.

The curious thing here is that the addition of Earthworm Jim 2 it will be only in the west, since the Interplay game is added to the European and American subscriptions. And what about the Japanese? Instead of the hero with the red gun you will receive nothing less than Harvest Moon from SNES.

Screenshot 7281

Released in 1996 through Natsume, Harvest Moon It is in a way the precursor to great games like Stardew Valley and to a lesser extent Animal Crossing. The idea, in essence, is to take care of a farm and make it prosper. And despite the fact that it was published in the West, although its European distribution was quite limited, where it really worked until it became a phenomenon was in Japanese territory.

Of course, the Famicom app (the equivalent of the Japanese NES) for Nintendo Switch will also receive both DIG DUG II What MAPPY-LAND.

Although the Xbox Live Gold and PS Plus subscription services have just announced their new monthly incentives in the form of games, Nintendo has wanted nothing less and, for that matter, has advanced hours to the arrival of April to bring the new batch of classics to their consoles. Now, despite the fact that those who have the Expansion Pack receive more and better content lately, it must be recognized that this unexpected surprise is more than welcome.

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