One-Punch Man’s most anticipated battle has been a complete disappointment

Will his one-hit ability come in handy this time, or has the author finally decided to change the common joke?

Yes you haven’t read chapter 161 yet of One-Punch Man, we recommend you do it, because this article contains spoilers, especially regarding the outcome of the Monster Association arc. Well, the fight between Saitama and Garou has taken an unexpected but logical turn.

One-Punch Man fans had long been waiting for this pair to clash, but why? As we well know, Saitama is the protagonist of the series and fully fulfills the comedic premise: Defeat any enemy with a single blow, no matter how strong or invincible they may be.. This “common joke” is on which most of the plot is based, as it disrupts the main idea of ​​action manga (mainly those published in shonen magazines), in which the scale of power of the heroes is quite important in his ongoing fight against the forces of evil.

saitama one punch man garou fight

This idea has been exploited in One-Punch Man to show what would happen if there was no hero path, that personal growth within the scale of power. Probably, like Saitama, he no longer feels the same emotion that he had in training him, his motivation is directed to other areas and not towards perfecting his body. Over time, this hero faced opponents such as Boros or Orochi, the King of Monsters, who were presented as the “final bosses” of their respective sagas, defeating them with a single blow, as he usually does. This way of telling the story allows the series to focus more often on other characters, usually the other members of the Hero Association who, despite their incredible strength and powers, have yet to fight their battles and overcome difficulties, just like any other action manga. However, since the arrival of Garou, the “hero hunter”, the public was expecting a change in the dynamic, even more so now that he had taken center stage as the de facto co-star of One-Punch Man..

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Disappointing or expected ending in One-Punch Man?

In case you didn’t know him, Garou is a young martial artist and former disciple of the hero Bang. Since he was a child, he had believed that the hero-based society he lives in is based on hypocrisy and he sought the strength to change it from the root. Kicked out of Silver Fang’s dojo due to his violent behavior, Garou became the hero hunter and attacked the professional heroes to test his strength and improve his abilities. After becoming involved with the Monster Association and suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Orochi, Garou underwent a transformation as a result of “breaking through his own limitations as a human”, transforming into a monster..

After dealing with the only two remaining Executives of the Monster Association, Saitama and Garou accidentally find themselves on the battlefield, ready for the fight that could be historical in the saga. However, after just one chapter, it looks like One-Punch Man will go the same way as any other Saitama fight. When our protagonist gets really angry after seeing the damage to his house caused by Garou, this anti-hero is filled with panic and fear. Due to his confused feelings, he goes to attack Saitama and is crushed with a single punch, just like what happened the three times they met before. Admittedly, Saitama and Garou’s interaction is brief, and the Hero Hunter has yet to get serious, but the tone of this encounter seems to be in line with any other supposed “big fight” Saitama has been involved in and ends up being the subject of comedy.

one punch man fight outcome garou saitama

As on previous occasions, Garou may do his best to turn his luck around, unleashing increasingly powerful attacks that Saitama will dodge or absorb harmlessly before expressing his frustration at the lack of any real challenge and taking out his foe in one fell swoop. blow. This is the One-Punch Man formula, but in Garou’s case, fans of him were expecting something different for a change. It may be that this new disappointment marks the decline of the work or a drop in popularity, because after 161 chapters, is it time to accept that the fun of this joke is running out?

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