My first solo game on Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends was so disastrous I didn’t even finish it.

Over the nearly two years that I’ve been playing League of Legends, I’ve lost count of how many games I’ve been able to play. Surely there are thousands, because in the end it is easy to play so many when it comes to a game that you usually dedicate a while (or a few hours) to every day.

As I told you in previous weeks, when it comes to playing I always prefer ARAM, unless other temporary game modes are enabled that catch my attention enough to tip the scales in their favor. However, the one It has never completely convinced me, it has been Summoner’s Rift.

In spite of everything, I have tried it once, very few, yes, but enough to be clear that this mode is not made for me at all. What’s more, this time I’m going to tell you about the first time I played on this map alone and the only time in my life that I’ve abandoned a game in a video game before it was over.

This is how the different lanes work

For those who have never played League of Legendson Summoner’s Rift the stage is divided into three main lanes by which the five players will be divided from each team: one person is on the top one, another in the middle, someone on the bottom is accompanied by a support character and the fifth player is the jungler, who goes around the map looking for creatures to kill them.

This also means that not all characters are designed to play in any position. At least not in this game mode, so for me people who only play ARAM, that forces us to play in a certain lane, since we specialize in certain characters instead of specializing in a particular position.

Each of the lanes is defended by a couple of turrets that you have to take down, because throughout the game minions from the main bases will not stop emerging and moving along these paths. The so-called minions are vital because they are the ones that act as a shield to protect us from the impacts of the towers and, in turn, those of the opposite side, are those in charge of giving us gold if we eliminate them to buy items in the store.

lol 02

However, a very important detail to keep in mind is that here it does not matter how many hits you give a minion to finish him off. The essential thing is to give the final blow, the one that takes it all away, because this is the only way to take the money. The problem is that the minions themselves or the towers can also eliminate them and take away that amount of gold. In the same way, it will also be important to be the last to deal the final blow to the jungle monsters and to the opponents themselves, although in this case the assists will also give money.

On this basis, I can already explain why my first game was so extremely disastrous. Because one thing is to understand the theory well and another very different thing is to put it into practice. They are two concepts that have absolutely nothing to do with each other and that I must admit that they took their toll on me.

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learning the hard way

I have to say that before I went solo for the first time I had played some games with my friends in the support role in the bot lane, but thanks to that it is what made me realize that I did not like Summoner’s Rift. But a few months after playing ARAM day in and day out, I thought, now that I have more experience, why not give it a try on my own? That made me make three serious mistakesthe first think this.

The problem with this confidence came because with Renekton, one of my favorite champions, I had gotten some “S” in ARAM, so I thought I was ready to play with him in the main mode of League of Legends, thinking that there would not be much difference. Assuming that was my second mistake.

Even so, since I already knew perfectly well the behavior of the community and I did not want to expose myself to possible humiliation, I warned my teammates that it was my first time playing this mode, because I was convinced that if they knew that they would give me a little more court if I played a bad game. Assuming this was also my third mistake.

Lol Renekton

So, the moment of truth arrived and I headed Renekton to the top lane, the role he is usually assigned to. From here is when the catastrophe did not take long to begin, because my opponent who played on the same street as me, it was obvious that he knew exactly what he was doing, while I tried to play a bit like in ARAM, hitting non-stop the minions, which caused him to have trouble landing the killing blow on them.

Therefore, my rival, who I don’t even remember which character he played, quickly finished off our minions while I was having a hard time doing something to him. In just a few minutes he had already killed me two or three times and my nerves did not stop growing. More because of the ridicule I was doing and for annoying my team than for the simple fact of being on the ropes.

A raguequit that, in part, I do not regret

After realizing that I couldn’t do anything and that I was the only one on my team doing poorly, I kept having regrets about venturing into solo play, reminding me once again why I didn’t like this mode. As if that wasn’t enough, the real problem came when toxicity invaded the in-game chat.

Such was the case that the players of the opposite side they did not hesitate to start messing around for having killed me two or three times, laughing at me and calling me everything. Naturally annoying and if you’re nervous, well, it’s not nice, but worst of all, the party was joined by members of my own team.

Lol Renekton 03

That is why I said earlier that a serious mistake on my part was to believe that my allies would understand my situation, because it was not like that at all. In fact, they even messed with me more than the opponents, so it all created such a disgusting atmosphere that I could have chosen to turn a deaf ear and follow my ball, but I didn’t have the need to put up with it anymore.

Result? I left the game without finishing. I could not avoid it. I knew we weren’t going to win and I didn’t want to be putting up with ridicule and insults from nine other people, which in part shouldn’t affect me or anyone else, because they are people you don’t know and just ignore them, That’s why I admit that I was partly wrong to throw in the towel before the game was over.

But honestly, I didn’t think it was a bad idea either, because it was a way to pay him back for his lousy behavior and I knew that Riot Games wasn’t going to penalize me severely for doing some kind of ragequit. A warning just came out on the screen, like a kind of slap on the wrist so that I wouldn’t do it anymore, but I was calm because I knew that it was never going to happen again. First because I don’t like people leaving myself, and second, and more importantly, because I’m completely banned from Summoner’s Rift. One and no more.

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