The real power of Ms. Marvel could define the future of Marvel

Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, has a hidden power with the potential to define the future of the Marvel universe.

Kamala Khan, better known by her alias “Ms. Marvel”, is a teenage Marvel superheroine, who, despite her age, little by little it has been showing that its power goes far beyond what we could have imagined. And, in comic #4 of Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit, we have proof of it.

Kamala’s hidden power has the potential to define what the future of the Marvel universe will be, so it’s important to talk a little more in detail about this one. Next, we tell you everything you need to know. But it is necessary to point out that this post contains spoilers for comic #4 of Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Boundary.

What is the true power that Ms. Marvel possesses?

Ms. Marvel has many special powers, although one of the most important has remained hidden.

Ms. Marvel has many special powers, although one of the most important has remained hidden.

If you have followed the adventures of Kamala Khan in Marvel comics, you will already know that some of his powers include a quick ability to heal his wounds, but you can also stretch your body and grow voluntarily. And if you are a lover of this heroine, you should know what is planned a series on Disney + for this 2022.

Although in the recent comics starring Kamala, we readers discover that now has the ability to sense approaching dangeras if it were a spider sense.

While it is true that these abilities in themselves are very powerful and allow him to support the rest of the heroes that protect the planet in battle and missions, in comic #4 of Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit, we were able to witness a secret power that is even more important and, in another reality, allowed him to unify the world and bring peace to all.

to be a hero it is not necessary to have superhuman abilities and skillsbut everyone can be, as Kamala Khan showed us in her version known as Marvel-heefrom another reality.

charming personality, the good heart and ability to feel empathy for othersas well as a talent for leadership. With these characteristics, Kamala managed to build a future of peace and it has shown us once again that, sometimes, it is not about having the power to change the world, but the will to do so.

What happened in comic #4 of Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit?

Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel comic #4, Beyond the Boundary

Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel comic #4, Beyond the Boundary

In this comic created by Andrés Genolet and Samira Ahmed, we were able to witness how Kamala was betrayed and kidnapped by a powerful entity from the multiverse.. All this after he interacted with a strange shiny cube which allowed him to visualize other alternate realities.

When the young heroine returned home, she noticed that everything seemed like some kind of Bollywood movie and that the protagonist was Loki. Although this was quickly resolved, the problems were not over, as Kamala unknowingly brought a young woman named Qarin from another reality to Earth-616.

Then it was learned that Qarin was against Kamala and wanted him to pay the consequences of his actions, because without realizing it, Ms. Marvel destroyed the reality she came from.

It is here that we are told that, in that reality, Kamala Khan had become the light that united the entire planet and brought peace to all the inhabitants.. This without using his powers, but his positive and kind personality. As a result of this, she became known as Marvel-hee.

But not everything seems to be lost, because nothing prevents the young Kamala, just as her version of another reality didalso unify the planet thanks to its way of being.

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