Imagine Disney’s Jungle Book in apocalyptic mode. It is just what The Cub proposes with its cover letter

Nighthawk Interactive recently took notice with the Aladdin and The Lion King collection by introducing more versions of these and adding majors of The Jungle Book, another of the classic platforms of the nineties in SEGA and Nintendo. And now it turns out that Demagog Studio presents us with its most apocalyptic vision…

Yes, it literally defines it as if the famous Jungle Book was in the middle of Armageddon… but without Bruce Willis, of course. The game in question is called The Cuband how could it be otherwise, it places us before an old-school platform in 2D, but with an aesthetic far from the pixel as at that time.

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Humanity is practically devastated, with loopholes over its existence. And we will discover details of their world as we move through their desolate landscapes. The curious thing is that it will enjoy a very rich history and where that influence of the Disney classic will be enhanced with parkour skills for its protagonist. However, its presentation trailer hints that it will be more linear than the 1994 work, despite certain obstacles on stage or the fact that it has vines to emulate Pitfall!one of the pioneers of platforms.

On the other hand, that narrative load makes us instantly think of INSIDE and other games of the same style, hence we are not going to lose track of it until it has a release date for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Switch, or PC.

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