After leading the arrival of New World and Lost Ark, the director of Amazon Game Studios leaves the company

The trajectory of Amazon Game Studios has been uneven in recent years. After a hesitant start, New World finally generated enormous popularity and the commitment to the MMORPG formula was redoubled with the arrival in the West of Lost Ark. After two great launches, now a key piece leaves the ship.

As reported BloombergMike Frazzini has left his position as head of Amazon Game Studios. Until now, the head of the company has made this decision to “focus on his family,” says a company spokesman.

The "near death" hit it with Lost Ark: the mirage of the success of Amazon Games

Frazzini’s time in the video game division began after having dedicated himself to the Amazon book section, going on to acquire a position in which he did not have much experience. Criticism of his vision of the future was frequent among employees, as they claimed that it was too far from the traditional video game.

Sources consulted by the media affirm that the lack of experience was key when his leadership lost strength. However, from Amazon they point out that “Mike was there at the beginning of Amazon Games, and his leadership and perseverance helped build the business in video games from the beginning.”

Amazon continues its path in the world of video games thanks to the streaming service Luna, as well as the negotiations to be able to carry out a live action series based on God of War.

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