This will be The Outbound Ghost, an RPG inspired by Paper Mario and starring ghosts with problems to go to the afterlife

In the last few hours, the Future Games Show spring event has been held and a few trailers of some of the games that will arrive this year have been shown, including The Outbound Ghostan RPG that is clearly inspired by the Paper Mario saga.

So we can in the trailer that you have below these lines that all the characters they will have a paper formas will happen with the 2.5D scenarios, which will give it a striking visual touch, while the combats will be turn-based confrontations in which we will take control of a group of ghosts.

And it is that in this adventure all the characters will be specters that have not managed to ascend to the afterlife. They are all trapped in the city of Outbound, the home of any ghost who was not happy with the life he led before he died and now they are forced to travel the Earth until they manage to solve their mistakes. Of course, the task will not be easy, since you do not have the same facilities as a ghost compared to a human.

Therefore, the players will have the objective of helping the other ghosts to fix or accept their past lives so that they can rest eternally, although the same will happen to our protagonist, but his problem is that he does not remember the mistakes of his past life and that is why it will be difficult for him to amend them.

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The Outbound Ghost There is no release date yet. Be supposed to will come this year and it will do it for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC for Steam.

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