this is what happens against bosses when you max out your character

Unless you resort to the old Souls trick with magic, surviving in the vast world of Elden Ring is not an easy task as you put yourself on the ropes in many situations, especially against bosses, with highly varied attack patterns. and with a high range and a fairly aggressive style.

Sure, you can level up your character by prioritizing the attributes of Vigor for more life, Stamina for more resistance, or Strength, Intelligence or Faith, for example, based on the power of your chosen weapon/magic, also looking at the properties of its escalation. But if you don’t know how to play, you will bite the dust… Unless you raise all your maximum attributes to reach level 713. So is a ride.

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As an example we have this video from the AshesWolf channel, where you can see how Elden Ring turns into an extremely easy game if you reach that maximum level for your character. At least in NG +, which would be your second game after beating the first and everything became more difficult. Because he takes out any boss in just two or three hits, with others where he’ll need a few more, but without giving them the option to reach their second most aggressive phase. Godrick joke.

Meanwhile, the Spanish speedrunner Bushido days ago became the first in the world to go through history without taking a hit, which is quite a feat. If you need help, at least you have a shot at maxing out your Arcane find to get better items from killing enemies. But from there to playing as Bushido… that is not easily achieved.

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