Thanos Proves One Of Marvel’s Most Hated Villains Is A Hero

Thanos reveals which villain is so villain…

The Eternals: The Heretic #1 comic has made Thanos the Prime Eternal and thus the leader of the immortal race of superpowered beings. With this charge behind him, Thanos has been guided through his ancient history by Druig, who led the Mad Titan to meet someone even more ruthless than the Titan himself. In fact, when the meeting between Thanos and Uranos took place, the Eternal One who once planned the disappearance of the entire planet Earth, it has been discovered that Druig is actually a herosomething that collides with its image.

Druig has been regarded for years as one of the most hated villains in the Marvel Universe. The character has always proven to be a snake that no one should trust by caring only for his interests. The also Eternal, almost immortal to function with cosmic energy, turned out not to be so malevolent according Has revealed an investigation conducted by Thanos.

Eternals: The Heretic #1

Why Druig is not the villain we think

Six hundred thousand years ago, Uranus was one more Eternal on Earth, ridding the world of excess deviations so that life on the planet could evolve. However, Uranos grew tired of the mission, so decided to eliminate all life on the planet, thus freeing the Eternals from their duties. To do so, he created a coalition of like-minded Eternals, including Druig, and began his genocide. However, Druig turned on Uranos, captured him, and saved Earth..

After the revelation of the past, Druig has gone so far as to explain that he is neither good nor bad, he is simply himself, as programmed by the Celestials to participate in the collective mission. This way, he doesn’t excuse all the villainousing of him in the past, though now. it is known that he has come to betray a true villain like Uranos.

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