Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Renata’s Wall

Renata Glasco is the new champion of League of Legends and one of the new units of Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5: Gizmos & Gadgets (Neon Nights) and today you will learn to play with her as you central composition tab known among gamers as: “carry”.

Renata's wall: one of the most powerful compositions in TFT version 12.5

Renata’s wall: one of the most powerful compositions in TFT version 12.5

Teamfight Tactics 12.5: Better Compositions

The Wall by Renata Glasc

Renata Glasco is one of the best units Within Teamfight Tactics, however, few people know about this and the great capabilities that this token has to get their team to victory.

Among the many things that make Renata Glasco in one of the most powerful in-game unitsher ultimate is the one that stands out the most, with which she summons a toxic poison wave towards the closest group of enemies, poisoning everyone in the wave’s path, taking magic damage per second and Attack speed reduced by 25% for 15 seconds, and poison damage can stack.

This is how Renata's wall is formed in TFT

This is how Renata’s wall is formed in TFT

The most surprising thing is that Renata Glasco it is vulnerable, therefore, in order for it to be able to exercise its ability widely, what it needs is some protectors that protect it, a wall, a wall.

And this is where champions come in like Illaoi, Rek’Sai, Sejuani, Zac, Vi and Tahm Kench, the Fighterswho provide additional health to their team members to grant them survivability, while they gain double these benefits.

However, these are not the only companions he will have, since the composition will only be complete when Victor (Who will activate the Technochemist trait alongside Zac and Renata to allow them to gain Attack Speed, Damage Reduction, and Max Health Regen from each other) and silco (Who with Renata will activate the Scholars attribute to allow all team members to generate mana faster.)

How to play Renata’s Wall in Teamfight Tactics 12.5?

We will really always seek to use the most optimal composition for renatawhich is the one we showed earlier, however, there will be times when we won’t be able to get some of the champions needed for that build.

In those cases, the best option is to look for Bodyguard instead of fightersand add some lovely in order to reduce the amount of Attack damage and Magic Damage that our enemies possess.

How to play the Composition-Renata's wall

Renata’s Wall is one of the best compositions in the Teamfight Tactics game.

Now, about the objects that we will look for for our champions, renata yes or yes you need the Blue Upgrade to allow himself to spam his ability, the Hextech Gunblade allows him to gain life by stealing it from his enemies when using his ability, and the Morellonomicon provides general utility to the team by burning enemies where it has fallen victim to the toxic wave.

Ultimately, these would be better objects for her, however, any item that allows her to increase her Ability power or Manna is also welcome in your build.

About the champions that make up the Teamfight Tactics 12.5 composition: Renata’s wallthe Fighters, we will look for them to have objects that grant them Bonus Life, Armor, and/or Magic Resist.

Finally we can say that Renata’s Wall is one of the best Teamfight Tactics in-game compsand although we don’t usually see it in games, completing it may not be that difficult, this may allow you to win many games.

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