Frieza is the only one capable of defeating the villain that Goku and Vegeta fear the most.

Moro is a fearsome villain, but apparently no more so than Frieza.

A Dragon Ball villain that Goku and Vegeta definitely fear would not last a second fighting Frieza if the evil tyrant was in the shoes of the Z fighters. For his part, Frieza is one of the most evil and irreverent villains in the entire history of Dragon Ball Z after having destroyed Planet Vegeta and Planet Namek., moved by the power and credibility that such a victory would grant him. However, in Dragon Ball Super, Frieza has shown that he is willing to work alongside the heroes in order to preserve himself. Given that Frieza will be fighting other villains to ensure his own survival or to ensure that he would not be challenged later on, he would have done any kind of work with Dragon Ball’s most imposing villain, though his methods would most likely have been just as evil.


How could Freeza face Moro, ensuring his victory?

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 45, written by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, the new villain Moro reveals why he is so extraordinarily powerful even though his power level is relatively low. The explanation is quite simple. Moro uses magic to draw power from any planet he finds himself on, meaning he is literally powered by the death and despair of billions (considering the sheer number of planets he visits), something Goku and Vegeta can perceive in him and that causes a great fear that the latter feel in his presence. Having been locked up in prison for ten million years, Moro needed the energy of an entire planet in order to fight Goku and Vegeta. Meanwhile, When Moro arrived on the planet New Namek, the first thing he did as soon as he stepped on the ground was to divert the energy of the planet and of all those who were on it towards himself to become the great enemy that Goku and Vegeta came to fear.. However, if Frieza had encountered Moro during his escape, surely the villainous sorcerer would not have had a chance to drain all of the planet’s energy before Frieza completely destroyed it.

As shown after destroying planet Vegeta, the Saiyan homeworld, as well as the original planet Namek, Frieza possesses the power and apathy to destroy an entire planet in order to further his personal interests, no matter the circumstances. Because Moro needs to draw energy from a planet and the people on it to become a true threat, and he needs it here more than ever after being held captive for millions of years, all Frieza would have to do would be to destroy New Namek the moment Moro landed there, without giving him time to extract energy or resources to achieve it and, consequently, his weakened state would prevent him from continuing to fight and thus he would die in the vacuum of space. Although this solution would not have been exactly the best for the Namekians, Moro would have been stopped immediately and Freeza would have no qualms about the method he used to achieve his goal.

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The only obstacle that could stand in Frieza’s way if he were to defeat Moro in such a violent manner would be the entity he fears the most: Lord Beerus.. In Dragon Ball Super it is revealed that Frieza had to ask the God of Destruction for permission to destroy Planet Vegeta and all the Saiyans residing there. So if Frieza went ahead and destroyed another planet without asking for prior permission to do so, then he would potentially face the wrath of Lord Beerus, something Frieza would not survive at all.

Even though Lord Beerus could have prevented Frieza from doing what was necessary to defeat Moro if he was tasked with such a mission instead of Goku and Vegeta, that potential hindrance doesn’t negate the fact that Frieza had the ability to take on Moro in debut. of the sorcerer By destroying the planet that Moro needed to drain energy to survive, Frieza could have once and for all ended Moro’s reign before it even began, defeating the one Dragon Ball villain that scares Goku and Vegeta the most.

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