Spartacus, Sony’s new service to rival Xbox Game Pass, will be unveiled next week, according to Bloomberg

In recent months, rumors have emerged that Sony is working on a new subscription service that will respond to the code name of spartacus. It will be the company’s way of competing directly with Xbox Game Pass by trying to offer a proposal similar to that of Microsoft’s service.

This information is what has been provided Bloombergwho has come on stage again to ensure that it will be sometime next week when Spartacus will be officially announced, according to sources close to the whole affair.

If it becomes a reality, it is only a matter of a few days before we discover all the details of this Sony bet that will unify everything that PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus offerin addition to offering access to a wide catalog of games from its current consoles, demos and great classics from previous PlayStations.

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All this depending on the type of subscription that each one opts for, which would be divided into three different levels:

  • First level: Grants access to all the benefits of PlayStation Plus.
  • Second level: offers a wide catalog of PS4 games and eventually PS5.
  • Third level– Includes game demos, the option to stream games in the cloud and access to a complete library of the biggest classics from PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

However, according to Bloomberg, there is going to be a substantial difference with respect to the Xbox Game Pass proposal and that is that Spartacus you will not receive exclusive Sony games on the day they are released. This means that, for example, it will not do any good to be signed up if you want to play the future God of War Ragnarok, since you will have to buy it separately. Next week we will leave doubts about all this.

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