“only if the fans really want it”

One of the most successful games that has been released so far in 2022 has been Lost Ark, given that the Smilegate MMORPG that managed to register the second highest peak of simultaneously connected players in the entire history of Steam. Since then, the figure has remained at very high levels, but Will it be enough for it to end up reaching other platforms?

That same question is the one that has haunted the portal VG247which is why he conducted an interview with Soomin Parkhead of the franchise at Amazon Games, in which he was asked about the possibility of get to see Lost Ark on consolesas has happened for example with similar titles like Diablo III or Grim Dawn.

That has led him to affirm that it will be the users who will have a large part of this decision.

If Lost Ark on console is something that fans really want, then I think it will be something that both parties should consider.

Although it has not closed the door to this supposed version for consoles, we must not forget that the current version for PC already allows you to play with a controller without any problem and, although it is not as intuitive compared to the keyboard and the mouse, it can be enjoy the experience seamlessly with your Xbox or PlayStation controllerfor example.

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Precisely when compared to other action RPGs, such as those indicated above, Park has not hesitated to comment that Lost Ark is unique in allowing so many different ways to play so that everyone can hang out as they please:

One of the things that makes Lost Ark so unique is the sheer amount of content that allows you to play however you want. If you fancy playing solo with an RPG-like experience and progressing through the story, it’s easy to do. A great aspect of the game is that the combat is designed to be satisfying whether you’re playing alone or in a group. Lost Ark definitely piques the interest of ARPG fans, and also implements aspects of MMOs to make it appealing to fans of this genre. There’s a way to play for everyone in Lost Ark, from experiencing the solo campaign, character customization and class-based gear upgrades, to a deep story that spans the seas of Arkesia.

In passing, he took the opportunity to remember that Smilegate keep working on more updates that will be arriving little by little for free. Only the March one has left us with a lot of news, including the addition of a PvP mode so that players can face each other to see who is the best.

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