Teamfight Tactics 12.5: Better Compositions

With the arrival of version 12.5 for Teamfight Tactics, the boards changed, so the compositions that we see in the games are being more varied than before.

In view of these changes, today we will tell you what are the best compositions of the current metagame in TFT. If you are interested, do not take off your screen.

These are the compositions of TFT in its version 12.5

These are the compositions of TFT in its version 12.5

The best compositions of version 12.5 of Teamfight Tactics

The Riot Games auto-battler version 12.5 It has influenced the compositions that have been made until now in the video game, so now there is more variety and ways to play to obtain victory.

Now, this update was supposed to be for set a metagamebut as you know, this did not happen, every day they continue to appear new compositions they are coming to lead Teamfight Tactics matches.

New compositions to lead Teamfight Tactics matches

New compositions to lead Teamfight Tactics matches

However, we are not here to discuss the metagame, we are here to talk about those compositions that you can use to climb in the ranked games, remembering that no matter how good they are, you have to know how to use them, since nobody wins simply “Playing”. That said, here we leave you the best compositions of version 12.5 of Teamfight Tactics.


mobsters has become one of the most powerful compositions today, focusing on Ahri as a basic unit and Braum beside Darius as main team protectors. Also, units like Zyra and Silco provides infinite utility to the team allowing them to take on all compositions class.

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Mobsters

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Mobsters

In itself, it is a simple compositionbut dynamic, in which the main carry is Ahriwhich we will seek to equip with the Rabadon Deathcap and objects that allow them generate mana as the Blue Upgrade or the Archangel’s Staff.


The VIP champion is still one of the most powerful champions on the game boards. Teamfight Tactics and that is known. For the same, the compositions based on the Galantes they are still among the most powerful, but if we had to show off any of these variations, without a doubt, it would be the one that focuses on Dravenwhich provides the necessary tools to this champion to run the games.

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Gallants

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Gallants

Draven was very powerful before, but now in the version 12.5 it is much more, so if you play with gallant we will prioritize Draven like ours gallant VIP.

Twich and Innovators

Among the compositions that have managed to stay on the boards of all the players, let’s talk about the innovatorswho are now stronger and have finally managed to stabilize their game thanks to one of the most powerful units in the early game: twitchequipped with the Deadly Reminder, Infinity’s Edge, and Runaan’s Hurricane.

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Twich and Innovators

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Twich and Innovators

Fundamentally, twitch it’s ours main carryso we will seek to do high roll as soon as we can to find its three-star version, and so that it can do all the damage it can, we will look for a front lane made up of champions that allow it to stand out as a real killer.

Renata’s wall

renata is one of the units that provides increased utility within the gamebut many players have not been able to take advantage of it, thinking that it is a “useless” piece, however, in compositions protected by the Bodyguard What Braum and Lioness (Galant VIP) who are a kind of wall or wall for her, and being accompanied by Silco, Brand or Zyrathe power of renata it becomes huge.

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Renata's Wall

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Renata’s Wall

Furthermore, equipping renata with objects that provide Ability power and mana generation they make his ultimate more dangerous every time he uses it.

Veigar’s Yordles

the yordlesPoppy, Ziggs, Corki, Lulu, Gnar, Vex, continue to cause trouble for those who face him, especially when the Lord Yordle arrives, veigarwho can win matches with using his ability once.

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Veigar's Yordles

Teamfight Tactics 12.5 Composition: Veigar’s Yordles

This composition is one of the simplest and most difficult to playhowever, if we master it we can easily win many games, so it would be worth it study it in depth and practice in normal games.

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