how to get the silver scarab in the hidden path of Rold’s Great Elevator

Surely you have played Elden Ring for dozens and dozens of hours and you have wondered if there is an invisible bridge in its Middle Lands. We refer to those platforms that are not seen, so typical of a Dark Souls. Because there are plenty of invisible walls, but invisible areas to step onalmost none here.

In fact, almost at the end of this epic FromSoftware adventure you will come across a hidden area where what appears to be a safe fall into the void hides one of the most useful talismans in the entire game if you crave 100% items

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The secret area west of the Pico de los Gigantes

Elden Ring

If you have reached the Peak of the Giants after beating Leyndell’s second big boss, you may be wondering how the hell do you access the hidden part located to the west of said Pico de los Gigantes and that you can see in the capture above.

The key is in the Rold’s Great Elevator. Or rather, in the use of another locket (in this case, secret) that “will guide its bearer to the land of the Hieratic Tree of Miquella”. And being a secret medallion that gives access to a hidden path, it goes without saying that the task is not easy to guess at first glance. But it’s not impossible!

It’s actually easier than it sounds if you know where to look for both parts of the secret locket. And after this we will tell you how to get that useful talisman.

Village of the albináuricos, your first destination

Elden Ring

Regardless of whether or not you have passed Stormshroud Castle, by being able to skirt the castle on the right side to reach the Liurnia region, the village of the albinaurs you probably saw it being on the southwestern edge of that large lake, just south of the Raya Lucaria academy.

It is accessed under the huge mountain and through a dark path until you find that small town full of albináuricos and a place of Gracia to rest. It is precisely that Grace the one you should take as a reference, when you look at the path that continues to climb and where you will see a fairly tough and aggressive sorcerer. It’s best to sneak past him and go to the bottom.

Elden Ring

To your right (or if you take the screenshot above as a reference, to your left), you will see a large vase that you must hit once or roll over said object. The reason? There is an albináurico in its interior that, due to the sound it emitted, gave you a clue as to its location. Talk to him and he will give you the right secret locket.

Sól Castle, the place with the other secret half

Elden Ring

Back at the Peak of the Giants, you will have to go to the north and enter the dangerous castle of Sól. There, two extremely lethal enemies will wait for you right at its entrance due to the freezing they apply. Luckily, if you kill them, they won’t come out again. Although we have bad news: to get the left half of the secret medallion of the Hieratic Tree You will have to defeat the boss of the castle.

It’s about Commander Niall and yes, it’s deadly also because of freezing. But if you time your hurricane attack well and don’t rush it, it’s quite affordable. And it goes without saying that he is extremely vulnerable to Rotten Breath, so don’t hesitate to use that enchantment either.

After defeating it, go to the bottom elevator and right at the end you will find the item.

Hidden path to the Hieratic Tree in Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Now that you have both parts of the locket, return to Rold’s Great Elevator. And instead of using the locket at the beginning, hit “action toggle” so it says “raise secret locket”. Hit the action button and you will see a short animation.

Go along the path at the bottom and you will reach the dungeon of the hidden path to the Hieratic Tree, which is precisely the one that will give you access to that secret part of the Peak of the Giants. And without the need to overcome said dungeon. Don’t worry, you won’t have to kill any bosses to advance. But we are going to tell you a secret: how to get the silver scarabof somewhat different use than the gold scarab.

Elden Ring

As soon as you enter the interior of the dungeon, pull to the left and you will see the area in the image. If you go up the stairs to the bottom you will run into several smaller enemies and an octopus more aggressive than Liurnia’s. If you are looking for a place in Gracia, it is passing that stumbling block and then going up to the right. do it first.

Now go back to the area of ​​the image and jump into the void where there is no protection.

Elden Ring

Use the classic trick of throwing rainbow stones to know where there are invisible platforms or arrows pointing to the ground. And if it is with rainbow stone arrows, the better, as it offers greater luminosity, as seen in the upper capture.

Your objective will be to enter through that illuminated access to your left, almost going in a straight line. The corridor is apparently small, with a sepulchral convalaria [9] at the bottom, but behind it is an invisible wall that you’ll need to hit to reveal a small adjoining room with a chest. Open it and you will get the elusive silver scarab, a talisman which will grant you whopping 75 points in discovery, so you will practically reach the maximum in item discovery as soon as you have minimally increased the Arcane attribute. This will greatly increase the drop of rare items when you kill enemies.

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